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As everyone says the martyr mom is a problem. But if it wasn't the unhealthy relationship with the mom, it would've been something else. The fact is Dennis, 38, is quite shy despite his extrovert life as a weight lifter and quite small despite his larger than life body. His headlong dive ...Read more

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A beautiful film. A son, no longer a child, wants to move on with his life, become fully realized. But he also wants to meet his mother's expectations. Yet her expectations for him are so confined. Will he learn how to express what he needs in this life, and find someone to live that life ...Read more

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Excellent film, but the character of the mother is problematic. As is, one could argue that she perpetuates a sexist psuedopsychology of Freudian/Lacanian origin: she is the way she is because a man left her.
But excellent film.
I could gladly ramble about it...

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Agreed, she is problematic. At least with English subtitles, we don't know enough about Ingrid to be sure why she is really the way she is. But then I decided the story is really Dennis's. And it doesn't matter why the mother is the way she is. Instead, it's good to see Dennis's journey, ...Read more

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This film was not at all what I rather, fearfully, expected.... some "trafficking" tale. A rather sensitive, innocent film, about a man locating another kind of "strength." A man you have to root for here. Good film!

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Good movie, Positive use of diversity and strong family relationship. Good moral. 5/5

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Good movie, simple and without violence.

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lovely film

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