The Tenant
Le locataire

The Tenant - Le locataire
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Reminds me a lot of Rosemary's Baby.

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It says English French, but all in English. Again, gave too much of the plot points in the synopsis. It seemed dubbed. altho they have 2 major US stars & it looks like everyone is speaking English (lips).
Watchable but not compelling. it isn't dated, as some older films can be. I ...Read more

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A truly frightening movie. Saw it alone when it came out, went home alone to an apartment and never quite got over it. We are forever haunted by the past, just beyond our reach and understanding, yet forever shaping our future, rarely ours alone...

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A masterpiece!

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Strange film. Quite strange.

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Weird even for a Polanski film.

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I love this movie

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Me too

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