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long movie with less points of this movie, not organized

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Robert A.M. Stern - 15 Central Park West and the History of the New York Apartment House
Even during the Great Recession of 2008, one new apartment house in New York City continued to set the bar for real-estate prices: 15 Central Park West. Designed by Robert A. M. Stern Architects, the lavish, limestone-clad structure from 61st to 62nd streets is arguably one of the most luxurious…
Studio Gang Architects: Aqua Tower
Chicago is famous for its role in fostering modern architecture, owing to the legacy of Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright in the late 1900s, and Mies van der Rohe in the mid-20th Century. Jeanne Gang, founder of Studio Gang, gave the epithet "Chicago School" a new meaning. Gang, who…
Innovative Renovations
Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 2007
It can be quite a tricky balancing act for architects to achieve a fresh design that is compatible with a building's original form. We look inside of three unusual renovations.
  • Montreal architect Henri Cleinge has made a former wine storage facility into a modern home and office.
  • Frank Gehry - The Formative Years
    The American architect, Frank Gehry, most responsible for the new image of the architect as artist, is documented in this film at a point in his career when he advances from experimental, private houses to complex institutions and large-scale collaborative urban projects. The Formative Years is a survey of his…
    The New Modernists: 9 American Architects
    This open-ended series intends to introduce the work of emerging architects building on the principles of Modernism while evolving a new language drawn from politics, film, literature, theory and the state of the world. This film looks at nine American-based innovators and their work for housing projects, commercial architecture, private…
    Green Towns USA: A New Deal
    An investigation of three 1930s new towns planned and built by the United States government during the Depression, and how they fare today. Designed as decent, affordable housing for urban workers; families near cities, these towns were based upon the English Garden City concept of shared open land, community center,…
    High Density Living
    Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 2007
    Architects are drawing people back to city centres by creating high-density residential space on previously industrial land.
  • Architect James Cheng's Denia combines apartment living with town-homes, retail and green space to create a community for its residents in downtown Vancouver.
  • Architect Peter Clewes's Tip Top Lofts stayed…
  • Inventing Cornell Tech: The Vision
    Ground has been broken on Roosevelt Island for New York City's newest academic campus - the sustainable, high tech home of Cornell Tech, a radical reconception of graduate level engineering study for the information age. Over the next three years, a stunning complex of architecture and landscape will emerge -…
    Looking at an Abbey
    The Looking at... series uses real sites to investigate the clues left behind in the buildings and monuments of the past. The partly ruined Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire, England, has a lot to tell the visitor about monastic life. There were many different orders of Cistercian monks, but they…
    Rick Joy: Interludes
    Rick Joy, an architect based in Tucson, Arizona, owes his reputation to his innovative residential designs, which respond gracefully to their desert environment. Joy exploits natural and passive energy-saving techniques and unusual materials, such as rammed earth and rusting steel, to create striking architectural solutions for living in a hot,…
    Agilent Technologies
    Part of the Series: Sacred Spaces
    October 2013 - Anna Maskiell, Architect, SKM. Sebastian Ward. The facade creates a light veil that encapsulates the building perimeter, and provide sun shading characteristics.
    Reconsidering Postmodernism
    Co-sponsored by the Schools of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame and University of Miami, an historic event in New York City gathered the founding members of the Postmodernism movement on November 11 and 12, 2011. "The generations who followed came together at what was possibly the last opportunity…