Tokyo Idols
A Fascinating Look at Sex & Gender in Japan

Tokyo Idols - A Fascinating Look at Sex & Gender in Japan
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Inserted are streetscapes and cityscapes, which, together with the portrayals of the idols and their fans, evoke a loneliness and resignation and survival in a society that often seems to offer little. The one fan says, "It's not a fad, it's a religion," and maybe this religion is better than ...Read more

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So interesting... There were definitely some uneasy moments especially as the girls get younger. The filmmaker does a great job introducing unfamiliar viewers to the Otaku cultural scene.

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Surprisingly nuanced portrayal of idol culture that quite cleverly hooks the viewer into "rooting" for Rio, an identification that drapes the audience in the trappings of the phenomenon while simultaneously critiquing many of its problematic aspects.

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This showed to me that Japan is a very intricate country and society in which if one gear of that society moves the entire mechanism engages in some way. This was a fascinating Documentary about something I did not know existed. It makes me wonder if the training video girl in Battle Royale ...Read more

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Interesting documentary. Quite sympathetic to both the performers and the super-fans.

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