Tom at the Farm
Tom à la ferme

Tom at the Farm - Tom à la ferme
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Well, that's two hours of my life that I'll never get back. This film was a crashing bore and made absolutely no sense. I mean, why is Francis not in jail or a mental institution for tearing someone's face open? They don't have laws against maiming someone in Canada? And I kept wishing that ...Read more

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Boring. Dolan is overrated and borderline narcissistic.

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What an awesome psychological thriller. It had so many turns that I thought it would end up this way or that way. The mother's character was great. I couldn't tell if she was some kind of crazy mother or if she was truly a mother in distress. That acting from each actor was outstanding. You ...Read more

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Frank Sherman

The ONLY movie since my divorce that I didn't feel like poetry but i knew it was. Fr*cking so riveting. I AGREE WITH EVERYONE ON THIS COMEMNT seciton.

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Expected to love this but stopped watching after a good 20 minutes. WHY Dolan's character allows himself immediately to be so fully dominated and humiliated by the psycho bully brother is baffling - but more importantly, infuriating! What? Just cuz he's hot? Please. Maybe Dolan's acting out ...Read more

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Don't bother if you are looking for entertainment.

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Well made, taut psychological thriller.

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Amazing. Gorgeous, dark, beautiful.

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Skillful, intense and disturbing. Dolan is extending his “enfant terrible” run into what promises to be a very important maturity. This study of grief, shame, family dysfunction, dishonesty and obsession is truly tense and nightmarish. What’s more, it is a thrill to see a film where a ...Read more

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