Tongues Untied
Giving a Voice to Black Gay Men

Tongues Untied - Giving a Voice to Black Gay Men
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The next time I get in an argument with someone I am going to snap to emphasize my point.

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Interesting documentary. I am embarrased to say I laughed when Eddie Murphy was doing his standup : (

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Vital viewing

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Having lived through the Plague Years seeing my gay brothers die, one after another, I watch this and wonder what might have been. What would Marlon Riggs be producing today? A whole generation - gone.

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Good intentions for back in the day of the late 80's, but I've heard it all before in one way or another.

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Symphony ty

Your point....

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It should be obvious to any thinking gay or straight person!

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You say it should be obvious and yet we live in an age when black/brown LGBTQI people are still discriminated against and murdered just for existing. And, many people continue to live with HIV worldwide, and have to deal with the lingering fear and stigma generated in the 80s and 90s. Loved ...Read more

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No one would dispute a single word you have mailed me. I know my comment was too general that "it should be obvious to any thinking, intelligent person".
Unfortunately, even in 2019 we don't find a majority of thinking, intelligent persons and so we have regressed, regrettably, on so ...Read more

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Donny Donovon

YAASSS Qween!!!

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A voice for people who don't get a voice.

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