A Touch of Sin

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Admittedly, this was a bit of a disappointment given how I've loved Jia Zhangke's earlier films. This has admirable qualities but only amounts to polemical rhetoric. His critiques on an increasingly capitalist China due to globalization in a post-Deng Xiaoping era are perfectly founded but ...Read more

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Obviously, this film is a polemic about China in the 21st century and how its uniquely oppressive economic paradigm effects those on the lowest rungs of its ladder. But maybe the real essence of the film isn't something so particular as "capitalism in 21st century China," but rather an ...Read more

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I really enjoyed your comment and wondered about the "and what." I feel like the film itself, the act of making it, could be the "and what" because it was/is so controversial and defiant. But maybe that's a cop-out. It is totally mesmerizing to watch though!

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Zoe, you make a good point. The film's existence is certainly a testament to Jia Zhangke's bravery and it probably should be commended for raising this dialogue and bringing it to an international audience. I was likewise entranced but I still feel that the film is too narrow and heavy-handed ...Read more

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A forbidden movie in China

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and?? that's all you can add. Today is Sunday. how about that?

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