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The Tracker
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The Tracker, directed by Rolf de Heer, creates a haunting and confronting portrayal of the power dynamics that existed between Indigenous and settler Australians during the 1920s. This is displayed through the assumption of guilt of an Indigenous woman accused of murdering a white woman, as ...Read more

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The Tracker is a movie that clearly depicts Australia’s horrible and violent history of relations between the Indigenous people of Australia and the White settles. Its shows the history of how white people would use the Aboriginal people skills such as tracking for their own benefit. The ...Read more

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Review- 3 Stars
This movie successfully shows the viewer the brutality and violence faced by Indigenous Australians. It is told through the eyes of the white man, it shows the dominance and superiority they had over any person considered an 'other'. The story telling and use of sound ...Read more

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This movie follows the journey of 4 white men looking for an Indigenous fugitive in the Australian desert. The narration clearly follows a ‘white men perspective’, emphasising the dominance of the white characters over the black Aboriginal who is with them during this hunt. A very interesting ...Read more

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“The Tracker” follows a trio of white men led by an Aboriginal Tracker as they search for a suspected Indigenous criminal. The film depicts their search and features heart-felt, song-fuelled montages to combat the view of watching the men walk, and if the viewer listens to the words, it ...Read more

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Set in 1922, The Tracker tells the story of an aboriginal tracker, who leads three other men; a merciless officer, a greenhorn new to the frontier, and a veteran of few words, as they cross barren Australian country in search of an aboriginal fugitive, and ‘accused’ killer. Written and ...Read more

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The Tracker successfully tells a chilling story that forces audience members to acknowledge the brutality that Aboriginal people have had to endure since the colonization of Australia. It does a great job of portraying the brutality because it is so frankly honest and does not hold back in ...Read more

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This film by Rolf de Heer employs a magnificent landscape and beautiful music to create both a harrowing and haunting story, in a style often associated with Western films. This “western” feel is further developed by the prolonged hunting of a suspected fugitive across a deserted terrain (the ...Read more

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The Tracker seemed to have a kind of "Django unchained" theatrical atmosphere about it. Perhaps it was merely the concept of a black man accompanying a white bounty hunter/officer in search of a fugitive that was similar, though they both have contemporary soundtracks (The Tracker's less ...Read more

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This is an amazing site. Thank You Joondalup library.

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