The Transfiguration

The Transfiguration
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I liked this film. While not great, it's well done. One is charmed by the adolescent romance, and the two leads are both good in their roles (despite what's said below). (Consider that the African American pubescent actor who plays the protagonist is not fully grown, is bullied by serious ...Read more

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Not worth the time . Although Chloe Levine was quite good. For an excellent indie vampire movie with lots of atmosphere, also on Kanopy "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night"

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There were redeeming parts but the villains/gangsters were 2-dimensional, the story devolved into cliché near the very end, but most of all, the lead was a TERRIBLE actor. Kudos to the actors who played his brother and his gf, though.

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At first, way too slow and plodding. But after a shocking twist, it pays off in a surprisingly poignant way as it resolves its moral dilemma.

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I'd forgotten I'd seen it before so obviously it didn't make much impression the first time. I like low-budget Indies whatever the genre but this did not grab me though it wasn't badly done. The problem is when you have two leads who don't have much affect i.e. they are flat emotionally it ...Read more

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Frank Sherman

Tim, if I'm being honest, I COMPLETELY disagree with you. Low budget indies are what has gotten me through the hardest fr*cking month of my damn life. I'm not even kidding. BUster and me. This movie had one thing I think we can both call poetry. It doesn't take a film critic or film writer to ...Read more

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I, like Milo (well, maybe not as much as Milo haha), have a strong appreciation for the realism of vampires portrayed in media. This movie is about as real as it gets. The heartbreak of Requiem for a Dream with the social ostracism of "blerdness" made this vampire drama a great story.

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Promising, but too much shaky camera.

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It was great. The end sucked though.

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