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A nice change from the average movie, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Good acting, good scenes, good music.

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I came in on this one by accident...a tight well-made film about
how things can go wrong in a very short time. ..short running time
...a great little gem - nothing wasted here...deserves a big audience

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Great movie.

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I liked this movie. It had a gritty feeling. The acting was good. It was a good flick.

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a small, low budget film that delivers.

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Lost interest; who gives a fuck if all of these storm troopers kill each other?

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This was a well crafted story line and film. I was very drawn into it, great acting. The ending wasn't entirely straight-forward to me. But, that's ok...probably not meant to be....

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heavy and different. learned something from it. not a formula

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My first movie using Kanopy. Very good film, relevant storyline. Great acting. Excited to watch more like this.

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Another good movie presented by Kanopy. I especially liked Gabriel Luna.

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