Trouble The Water
Surviving Hurricane Katrina

Trouble The Water - Surviving Hurricane Katrina
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Raw, shocking, and real account of what really happened in an AMERICAN town after a hurricane. Shameful. Politicians don't give a d@mn (much less many in this country...let's be real) This reminds me of "Flint Town" on Netflix-different reason, different town, but same country.
Here's ...Read more

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I moved to New Orleans several years after Katrina, but there are constant reminders of it, especially in the ninth ward, which still hasn't fully recovered and after seeing what people like Kim went through, it amazes me that people have been able to move on. It's sickening that many tried ...Read more

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A signature film, that absolutely must be seen and discussed, so that history does not repeat itself. 13 or so years later and the fact of the matter is, many of of us are still dissatisfied with results. Kudos to the directors and producers associated with the production even more so for its ...Read more

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Alexandria Chanel

I am a born and raised New Orleanian who was there during Katrina with my fam as well-this is the most beautiful documentary I have ever seen about Katrina. Nikole Medina is an amazing and inspiring women-I loved her wisdom, brilliance, insight and her music during such a traumatic event in ...Read more

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This isn't Moore.

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