Understanding Fabrics

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Kanopy is a powerful resource for those students who learn visually and want to see theory in action. Every student will find Kanopy useful. If you are looking for films, documentaries, instructional videos and so on, search Kanopy. All UEL students and staff have access off and on campus ...Read more

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Clothing Fibres
A Clothing & Textiles 101 overview of the elements of fabric, this curriculum-based program introduces students to the basic differences between natural and synthetic fibres, the primary types of fibers, and how their qualities - from shape and origin to size and luster - make them unique, influence clothing appearance…
Jobs in Clothing, Textiles & Fashion: Career Compass
Part of the Series: Career Compass
Many different people work in clothing and fashion - and they're not all cut from the same cloth! Each professional plays a very different role in transforming a piece of fabric into a garment or the inspiration for a fashion publication. Explore the world of a clothing designer, fashion journalist…
Design: All About Textiles
The human body is almost constantly in contact with some form of textile, whether it be the clothing that we wear or the interiors that we live and work in. Join interior designer Brandi Hagen as she showcases samples and explains different types of natural fibers including plant, animal, mineral…
Career Compass
Explore careers in child development, clothing & textiles, food & nutrition, and housing & interior design with this brand new series!
Part of the Series: Designer Marathon Volume 1
One of fashion's most prominent travelers, Kenzo Takada, created fun in fashion for over thirty years. A master at innovative mixes of color, print and fabrics, Kenzo's ever-changing signature was always rooted in joy. His introduction of Japanese aesthetics to western fashion forever changed how we wear clothes.
Marketings Four P's The Consumer Angle
Students learn the traditional four Ps of marketing strategy - Product, Place, Price and Promotion - and more importantly, how a focus consumer is at the core of them all. With pertinent examples from popular, everyday brands, students gain an understanding of how pricing strategies really work, how marketers target…
Part of the Series: Elements Of Human Nutrition
Do you hear the word 'vitamins' and envision pills? In fact, our main source of vitamins is the food that we eat. This video teaches the basics about these essentials to human nutrition. Learn what vitamins are, and how they keep us healthy. Get tips on the best ways to…
How Clothing Is Made
Take your students behind the scenes in the garment industry. Join a film crew to visit Henry-Lee Apparel in Chicago, a family business that makes over five hundred styles a year for six brand lines. Follow each step of garment production from raw fabric to its delivery to the retail…
Instruction For All Students (Succeeding As A Teacher)
This program shows a wealth of strategies to use in the classroom to engage all students and to increase student achievement. Vivid classroom scenes incorporate current research to show how to structure and pace a solid lesson, including modeling, role-playing, teaching a new skill, providing feedback and practice, assigning homework,…
Guy Laroche & Andreas Eberharter & Victoria Kyriakidis
GUY LAROCHE Marcel Marongiu sees fashion design as a genuine means of communication. He wants people to be able to live out their fantasies by wearing his clothes and to discover what he terms "la vie plus belle," the beautiful life. Marongiu designs clothes that are classically elegant yet also…
Luisa Beccaria, Mila Schon, Furla and Blugirl - Milan Fall 2016
In this issue of Videofashion Collections, Luisa Beccaria stuns with an Autumn/Winter 2016 collection full of luxurious fabrics and romantic silhouettes. Futuristic fluidity and unexpected textiles make Mila Schon's collection a force to be reckoned with. With excellent craftmanship and avant-garde, Furla handbags are a staple for any grunge guru.…
Yinka Shonibare
Part of the Series: theEYE
Yinka Shonibare is a painter, photographer and installation artist, whose art is influenced by both the cultures of Nigeria, where he grew up, and Britain, where he studied and now lives. He has exhibited widely all over the world, and this film profile includes exhibitions filmed in London, Rotterdam and…