The Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums
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Episode 1 History of the Museums
Episode #1: History of the Museums Overview of the 16th Century establishment of Vatican Museums, its buildings and its development into the world's greatest collection of art. Museum divisions include:…
Episode 2 Greek Art in the Vatican Museums
Episode #2: Greek Art in the Vatican Museums Grecian Art, nucleus of the Collection, contains great and memorable works, many extolling mythic human forms.
Episode 3 Roman Art
Episode #3: Roman Art in the Vatican Museums The art of Ancient Rome attests to military conquests, love of portraiture, and exists in monuments throughout Rome today.
Episode 4 The Egyptian Museum
Episode #4: The Egyptian Museum A tour of an extraodinary collection of Egyptian artifacts da ting from 2,500 B.C., with a visit to obelisks in four famous Roman Piazzas.
Episode 5 The Etruscan Museum
Episode #5: The Etruscan Museum Colorful and finely-crafted artifacts reveal the skills of the Etruscans and the rich social life and culture of its people.
Episode 6 The Origins of Christian Art
Episode # 6: The Origins of Christian Art The Catacombs, tombs and Sarcophagi of Early Christian Martyrs, retain the fascination they held for Saint Jerome in the IV Century.
Episode 7 The Sistine Chapel
Episode #7: The Sistine Chapel The most admired and incomparable monument in the world, involved such artists as Botticelli, Signorelli and, of course, Michelangelo.
Episode 8 The Raphael Rooms and the Loggia
Episode #8: The Raphael Rooms and the Loggia Stanze, offices of the Popes, decorated with unrivalled artistic splendor, are among the greatest extant splendors of the Vatican.
Episode 9 The Historical Museum at St. John Lateran
Episode #9: The Historical Museum at St. John Lateran The Lateran, with its renowned Basilica, is where Saint Peter was martyred, and Popes have dwelled for Ten Centuries.
Episode 10 The Ethnological Museum
Episode #10: The Ethnological Museum ...Intended to form "a new school, a book that remains forever open" and reveal the quest for God through the ages in all cultures.
Episode 11 The Picture Gallery
Episode #11: The Picture Gallery 450 paintings of masters like Giotto, Da Vinci, Raphael and Caravaggio, chronicle the Life of Christ, and his continuing Presence.
Episode 12 The Collection of Modern Religious Art
Episode #12: The Collection of Modern Religious Art Intended to mediate between the despair of Contemporary Life and Religion, to examine the tragedy of humanity in crisis today.
Episode 13 The Apostolic Palace
Episode #13: The Apostolic Palace From 800 A.D., the palaces spread outward from Saint Peter's tomb, testimony to faith and matchless creativity.
Episode 14 Vatican City
Episode #14: Vatican City Among the works of Art of the Vatican is the enclosed City State itself, with its monumental buildings, squares and courtyards. Not just a "jewel case"…
Episode 15 The Great Basilica
Episode #15: The Great Basilica

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