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Interesting doco. I still love meat, even though I don't eat it much. Lucky I wasn't eating whilst watching this as some scenes are gruesome. The sensationalist 'expose' of this film is just a tool for people to push their point of view. You can do that with any topic you feel passionate ...Read more

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It is true that people should respect other people's choices. But there was also the point about meat and dairy impacting the environment in a negative way, and the environment is something we all share. That is what I gathered from this film more than anything: consume less meat and dairy ...Read more

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Good film. You can first adopt the fake meats to help you made the transition, then learn to cook new things and discover new flavours and leave the fake meats behind (which do contain oils and other aditives you dont need in the long term). If you think it objectively, the carnivorous diet ...Read more

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Good film but Vegan and vegetarian doesn't have to be about fake meat and tofu. Indian food has rich and varied sources of protein (variety of legumes) and so many fantastic recipes. It is sad that they were shown eating the 'health store' food but not regular vegan ethnic food.

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I completely agree - I wish they would have focused on healthy alternatives rich in whole fruits, vegetables, beans, etc. that countered the processed soy foods they were shown at the store. Especially because soy isn't exactly great for the environment either. Monsanto, anyone?

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Mr & Mrs

Good point!

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