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I've been thinking about this movie a lot. It's memorable. It's flawed because it's experimental. There are some great, spontaneous moments of personality. The actors disappear into their characters in those moments: whether it is someone stepping up to help out, or someone falling from their ...Read more

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The desired fantasy of a night out is that everything will flow perfectly, like a single tracking shot. The reality is that there are always inevitable lulls, highs and lows, periods of time when time goes fast and when it drags. Regular films imitate this reality through editing, chopping ...Read more

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Beautifully orchestrated. Follow a woman lonely & adrift, aspirations kicked from beneath her, from pique and whimsy, through the rash impulse borne of new feelings of purpose, to the chaos & despair so often the consequence of fairy-tale behavior. Hyper-compressed into the course of ...Read more

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I, too, initially wondered why this girl would be hanging around these guys; they feel dangerous early on. But the character/relationship development is very well done & you have to watch this all the way through. I did not see the ending coming! Bravo.

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I was very impressed. Wasn't sure if I was going to like it and it does require some patience but it's worth it. The closest American filmmaker who comes close to this style of filmmaking is Linklater. I enjoyed this film and recommend it.

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Really first rate. A familiar theme but beautifully acted and directed.

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A masterpiece, really? I forced myself to watch the first 21 minutes of this before giving up. The woman caricature has the potential to be interesting but the four men were big zeros. Why would she want to hang out with these obvious losers?

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Yeah Ronald, I agree you should give it a second chance! There's a really pivotal scene further in with a piano that alludes a bit more to what her motivation for joining in with such a rowdy group of strangers might be. The first time I watched the film I also struggle with the slight ...Read more

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Ronald, I urge you to give Victoria a second chance. There are hints to several themes in the first 20 minutes, even in the first 5 minutes, that play out much later in the film. These include taking chances, innocence vs responsibility, celebration vs mourning, and most importantly, human ...Read more

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What a masterpiece!! They managed to turn a simple love story into a compelling complex one using brilliant technical devices in the service of good acting,script, and direction...Bravo!

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Brilliant, gripping, and groundbreaking. A Breathless for the 21st century.

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