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Life is short. Art is long.

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not getting what happened to her....

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Google it.

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A thought-provoking film, beautifully photographed with outstanding acting. The reality of the underlining narrative is so incredibly sad that I could not look away.

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Incredibly moving and beautiful.

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Stunning film. Emotive, raw and speaks to our mortality. A must watch.

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Beautiful. Full of feeling. I was immersed fully in this story and feel I'll carry a piece of it with me perhaps forever. Breathtakingly poignant and real.

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This synopsis should be banned, it spoils the whole experience

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Wonderful. liked it very much

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A very ambitious movie, beautifully shot and scored. It's on Norwegian and death time, so many viewers will get frustrated with the pace of its dramatic rhythm. For my money, it was just right.

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A surprisingly beautiful treatise on life once you realize that you should watch it allegorically, and not literally.

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