The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides
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There's no emotional weight to any of the characters, but it's gorgeous to look at! The soft rock ballads do most of the heavy lifting and the dad has the best lines.

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What a classic. I just came by to gush over how good it is. It's just one of those gems that everyone should watch, and I'm not sure why.

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Very well done with solid performances throughout. Especially impressive as a first film from Ms Coppola. A reminder of what can happen between generations when too much gets lost in translation. (;

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I really want to like Sofia Coppola's movies, but I just don't.

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J. P.

The only reason Sofia makes movies is because of her dad...She's not really a filmmaker but the
daughter of a filmmaker.

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You should. She's done many of the classics.

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Based in a fictional book, but somehow realistic about the great mistake parents make when trying to limit their children freedom to live a normal and natural sexual life, instead of promoting its normal development...Great production in all senses!

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Great film! Very moving.

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Excellent film. The pastel tones make the scenes soft, unreal and dreamy, but an underlying unhappiness is pervading throughout the movie that will lead to the unavoidable end we expect from the beginning.

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Classic. Love coming of age tales....such a magical time in those highschool years....hanging with your gang, first romance, endless summer days....such a jarring shift post school life, when we become fragmented into "adult world."

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Such a great movie, gorgeous and dreamy!

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