Part of the Series: EARTH

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Very intriguing and informative.

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Threatened: The Struggle of the Southern Sea Otter
WINNER, 5 EMMY AWARDS Southern Sea Otters are once again in peril, after having being brought back from the brink of extinction. Threatened investigates the history and potential causes for the otter's decline, as well as the controversy over how best to protect the otter population. An unprecedented number of…
Part of the Series: EARTH
The plains are home to the greatest gatherings of animal life on the planet. But today these wild grasslands -- along with the iconic species that live here - are among the most endangered places on Earth. As we humans continue to fight for space with wildlife, Sanjayan makes it…
Part of the Series: EARTH
Sanjayan travels into the Amazon's "Intangible Zone" with a team of scientists who believe it could be the most bio-diverse place on earth. Despite being virtually "off the map" there are still people here: the Waorani, who are fierce defenders of the forest against outsiders. They help the scientists reveal…
Breaking Point: The Disappearing Salton Sea
One of the worst ecological disasters in U.S. history is rapidly approaching, a casualty of the drought and "water wars" in the Southwest. California's largest lake - the Salton Sea in the Sonoran desert - is disappearing. As Breaking Point reveals, large swaths of lake bed are already exposed and…
Malawi 1: Lake Malawi and Liwonde National Park
Located in southeastern Africa, Malawi is called "the warm heart of Africa," which is no exaggeration; it is a nature lover's dream-come-true. In this program, from the moment the plane touches down, you are completely surrounded by the most amazing wildlife on earth. You see rare species of fish found…
Desert Heart
Part of the Series: Wild Australasia
Australia is the driest inhabited continent. Most of its centre is desert, but far from being a scorched land of barren sand dunes, its arid heart is full of stunning landscapes with a surprising abundance of colourful life. In Desert Heart, we travel with the first European explorers who saw…
World Heritage: Everglades & Yakushima
Part of the Series: World Heritage Series
Everglades National Park (The United States of America) - The Everglades National Park, with its vast virgin wetlands and mangrove forest, is a veritable treasury of wildlife. The gently flowing waters of the Everglades situated at the southern tip of the Florida Peninsula, is an avian paradise and a home…
Part of the Series: EARTH
World renowned scientist, Dr. Jeremy Jackson, tells Sanjayan the oceans are in trouble, that a "rise of slime" is coming. But Sanjayan goes in search of a very different future. He travels to one of the remotest reefs on earth. The sheer number of sharks in this place doesn't make…
Scourge of the Lionfish
Part of the Series: Saving the Ocean
Lionfish are beautiful, colorful reef fish found throughout the Indian and Pacific oceans -- that's the good news. The bad news is they're now found all over the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic coasts of North and South America as well. Alien to those waters, lionfish are the perfect invasive…
Physical Geography II: Why Is The Ocean Salty
Part of the Series: Physical Geography II Series
Discover The Wonders of Our Earth and the forces and life forms that shape our world with the Physical Geography Series. All water, even rainwater contains dissolved chemicals which scientists call "Salts." These salts eventually wash down into rivers and streams and eventually find their way into oceans and seas.Subjects…
Southern Seas
Part of the Series: Wild Australasia
Australia may be famous for sun, sea and surf, but there's so much more to the marine life in Australia than Bondi Beach and the Great Barrier Reef. Beyond the busy east coast these southern seas break all the rules - they are stranger and more spectacular than anywhere else…
The Dead Sea—Sinking and Salinity
Begin a series of episodes on desert regions by exploring the Dead Sea. Learn why this body of water on the border between Israel and Jordan is almost nine times saltier than the ocean and has the lowest elevation of any place on Earth.