The Way of Tea
Les frémissements du thé

The Way of Tea - Les frémissements du thé
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Great acting. Tangible and absolutely hopeful. Obviously the issues are larger and more complex but the glimmers of hope that this film puts forth are simple and so deeply human. Thank you Marc Fouchard for putting so much energy into making this film!

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Beautiful and moving.

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A stunning example of what filmmaking can do when it is allowed a social conscience. I would take exception to kanopy33's comment that other social problems are "normalized and accepted". They are "accepted" insofar as they are acknowledged as part of the "normal" fabric of the anxious and ...Read more

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Good, but other social ills are normalized and accepted in this movie.

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what a ridiculous critique. oh this artistic perspective didn't address, and therefore embraces, everything I see wrong in society!
imperfect people doing imperfect things in a realistic world, making an attempt to de-escalate... = moral failure!! groan.
how about that social ill ...Read more

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Thanks for your feedback. When a film is purportedly about examining social prejudicial norms, its myopic focus on that one issue at the expense of other egregious institutions of violence deserves to be called out and will be. Trivialization, perpetuation and normalization of others forms ...Read more

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nah. you're still missing the point. people doing an AIDS Walk, you're gonna say they are doing it "at the expense" of not standing for cancer. religion, alcohol, meat eating, capitalism... whatever your gripe, these are issues that the artist wasn't addressing. you want art to preach for ...Read more

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More power to those who want to participate in an AIDS or a human-rights-walk. I have zero problems with either and both deserve commendation. The problem arises when either one blatantly exploits the other, for example, those walking to raise AIDS awareness while surreptitiously testing ...Read more

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bah. tangentally adapting the imperfect analogy and still missing the main point, losing the thread. also, you should just say what you mean, stop dancing around specificity since you seem to care so much. no matter.
methinks you misunderstand exploitation and expense... the road to ...Read more

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Nope, your point has been fully acknowledged and fully concurred with. And my analogy is far from imperfect, it is something corporations and individuals with means indulge in with impunity, and even hubris. Take care.

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Thoughtful, moving, and heartfelt. A film desperately needed in these times, showing the power of love overcoming fear and hatred.

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A gentle and thought-provoking film.

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A wonderful short film.

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Agreed! This short was amazing... It has rhythm, great acting, awesome directing and such a great message! Loved it.

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