What Is Democracy?
A Philosophical Journey Exploring Government

What Is Democracy? - A Philosophical Journey Exploring Government
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Interesting film. Impossible to cover everything. Would have been nice to move in the direction of how to engage civicly, run and work with offices, leverage the power of your constituency. If we just wait for someone to teach, lead us, then well, we're cooked.

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Outstanding documentary and having been released in 2018 obviously still very topical.

I highly recommend that everyone see this down-to-earth depiction of why true democracy's time has come.

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Que documental tan importante e interesante. Yo desde hace algunos 15 anos para aca, a traves de la literatura me di cuenta que la democracia no esta vigente, por no decir que no existe en ningun lugar del mundo. Ya en los anos de 1916 a 1939 LOUIS D. BRANDEIS juez de la Suprema corte de ...Read more

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a sharp political reminder to pay attention to politics and to remember that the personal and the local are political

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