The War Against the Third World
What I’ve Learned About US Foreign Policy

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The Weapons of World War I
Part of the Series: Guns - The Evolution of Firearms
The machine gun changed the warfront and defined and dominated the WWI experience.
War Journal - The Incredible World War II Escape of Major Damon “Rocky” Gause
The true story of one of the most incredible escapes in all of World War II, with an ending that will surprise viewers. Two Americans, Damon Gause and William Lloyd Osborne, both escapees of Bataan-"Rocky" Gause from Corregidor as well who, in 1942, in a leaky 20 foot fishing boat,…
The Weapons of World War II
Part of the Series: Guns - The Evolution of Firearms
The need to keep up with modern warfare sparked invention and economic growth.
Post World War II to Today, From the M-14 to the M4 Carbine
Part of the Series: Guns - The Evolution of Firearms
The field of battle was growing smaller and the invention of a light weight and short range firearms were necessary for combat.
America's Third City
Part of the Series: Vegas: The City The Mob Made
In the 21st Century, Vegas must uphold its reputation as one of America's most famous cities.
World War I: Destruction and Rebirth
Examine the First World War from the very different vantage of Eastern Europe. Whereas the West's view of the Great War is one of indecision and stalemate, the war in the East was one of movement--and perhaps even a cause for celebration as the old empires were destroyed, giving room…
World War I in the Desert - 1914
Examine the role of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, and uncover why it entered the war on the side of Germany and Austro-Hungary. Consider the scope of the conflict in the Middle East, the Arab Revolt (arguably the most significant Middle Eastern campaign of the war), and the…
The Dublin Lockout and World War I
Shift your attention back to the political sphere where, after the defeat of Parnell's Home Rule Bill, rebellious organizers began pushing for reforms of their own. Dig into the events surrounding the Dublin lockout, including the Bloody Sunday massacre, and then consider Ireland's role in World War I.
World War II
The seeds of World War II were sown in the dark days of depression following the first world conflict. While the United States chose a course of isolationism, escalating aggression in Europe and Asia threatened world stability. Without warning, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor pushed the reluctant U.S. into…
World War II: The Unfamiliar Eastern Front
Continue your study of World War II from the Eastern European perspective. Here, you'll see how Hitler caught Stalin off guard with a surprise attack, causing the Soviet Union to join the Allies. Nevertheless, Stalin had his own plans to expand the Soviet sphere of influence. Meanwhile, in the Balkans,…
1839—The Opium War in China
Delve into the causes, conflicts, and consequences of the Opium Wars, in which China was psychologically devastated and subjugated by British imperialism.
1904—The Russo-Japanese War
To the world's surprise, Japan defeated Russia in the Russo-Japanese War. Learn how this conflict fought with industrialized weapons reconfigured world politics by igniting the process of global decolonization, establishing Japan as a great power, and setting the stage for two world wars.