What Is Programming? Why Python?
Episode 1 of How to Program

What Is Programming? Why Python?
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How to Program - Computer Science Concepts and Python Exercises
Programming is an eminently learnable skill that gives you unrivalled problem-solving power you can apply in all areas of life. It's also a fun, creative activity that provides insight into how we control the devices that influence virtually every aspect of our lives. The 24 engaging and information-rich lessons of…
Classes and Object-Oriented Programming
Episode 17 of How to Program
Learn about an exciting approach to programming called object-oriented design, which bundles functions together with data into a series of objects, whose tools and properties can be defined in a single class. Try your hand at this powerful technique by constructing a bank account program.
Python Standard Library, Modules, Packages
Episode 12 of How to Program
Discover the remarkable programming tools called modules that you have at your fingertips with Python. Modules are ready-made programs that can be imported into your code as you write it, enhancing your creativity, expanding your options, and saving you time. Bundles of modules are called packages.
Event-Driven Programming
Episode 15 of How to Program
Explore the visual style of programming seen on the web and in the graphical user interface of an operating system. Get started with pyglet, a Python package created to help support development of games and other audio-visual environments. Use pyglet to make a graphical version of the game from Lesson…
Enterprise Automation: What You Need to Know
Cloud Computing, Big Data, the Mobile Workforce and Social Networking have all been a part of a watershed of recent technology developments that have been the drivers of unprecedented and far reaching socio-economic change. In this report, Jonathan Crane, Chief Commercial officer at IP Soft, discusses what is forecast to…
Basic Program Development and Testing
Episode 4 of How to Program
Take the plunge and write a program that's useful for saving money! In the process, learn the importance of planning ahead, testing often, and building your code incrementally. As your program takes shape, Professor Keyser describes instructive incidents from computer history and his own experience.
Top-Down Design of a Data Analysis Program
Episode 8 of How to Program
Take what you have learned about lists, loops, files, and other techniques and design a program that lets you analyze weather data. Sound daunting? Discover the trick of top-down design, which breaks a complex task into manageable parts and is applicable not just to coding but to any major project.
Introduction To IT Controls for Technologists
This course describes the importance of IT controls and their potential benefits to the technology staff. Major topics include what controls are, why they are needed, applying controls to IT, building a control framework, and discussing critical IT control areas. After setting out goals and objectives for the participant, the…
Agile Software Development: An Introduction
The Agile Method allows modern development teams to rapidly build software that is both efficient and effective. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to this approach to software development. The course begins with the major teaching points. Next, the methodology is presented, along with the rationale for its adoption. Included…
Enterprise Security Landscape
Hackers around the globe are relentless in their attempts to access networks and devices in order to steal information or plant malicious programs. IT security professionals are in a constant tug-of-war with these actors defending enterprise systems and data from unauthorized access and cyber-attack. In this report Jack Danahy, Director…
Virtual Appliances: An Introduction
Virtualization technologies are rapidly growing in acceptance and are being implemented by an increasing number of organizations. The popularity of Virtualization technologies has paved the way for the rise of the Virtual Appliance, or VAP. Virtual Appliances offer IT a means to streamline and simplify the development, delivery and management…
Virtualization: An Introduction 
Articles and reports on the merits of Virtualization seem to dominate the IT press and media today. With all the attention and hype being generated, you might think that Virtualization is the latest in new technology. Well in some respects, it is! But you may be interested to know that…