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Very sad and upsetting story. I am glad I was born in a country where women are not pawns you push around.

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Shame! Shame! Shame! is the story of this movie. What is okay in one culture, may not be acceptable in another. Great example of cultural clash. Many children of immigrant parents like me can relate to this movie. Great acting, great photography, and worth the watch if you can stand ...Read more

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men are evil.

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This is a grossly inaccurate depiction of both Pakistan and Pakistani people living in western countries. There are number of things I would like to point out that are not at all Pakistani! This is not to say that women in Pakistan are not kidnapped/forced into marriage among other things. ...Read more

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This film is a feminsm film.no culture is better than other. Western culture is against women. Women have no freedom. Sex has distroy Western culture with the help of feminism. One in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18 years old. Every feminism film ...Read more

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^^ Methinks he doth protest too much. Navigating your prose (barely) I get the idea that you're trying to draw a false equivalency w/r/t Pakistani<<>>American treatment of women? Am I getting warmer? If so please open your eyes. Women do in fact have "full" freedom here in the US, ...Read more

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American women are not free, and they are the most murder, rape, socially engineer women on Earth because of feminism. I study feminism in college. The main idea of feminism is to control women, sexuality, reproduction system. Feminism is dangerous equal to racism and Marxism. Feminism put ...Read more

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I just want to let you know that this movie is loosely based on the director's life. She was actually kidnapped at 14. So, whether or not this is a feminist movie, it happened in real life and people still get kidnapped and even killed because of "honour" to this day. You can't deny that.

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I am also sure that boy get kidnapped and murder in that country. Children get kidnapped everyday around the world. Why the director did not talk about all children ? Most children that get kidnapped are never found,and they get murders. She was not kidnapped. She was very compulsive girl. ...Read more

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Truly heart wrenching story and entirely true to life. This world is stacked up against women; our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. I ask why ? We men are born of women who sustain us and without whom we would perish in infancy. Then we grow up and forget our mother's love and treat our ...Read more

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some people should just not have daughters. period. great movie, very upsetting.

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Culture shock and inability of immigrant parents to assimilate in the new adopted society is a struggle frequently experienced not only from people from Pakistan but also from India.

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As the stereotypes clench the world, how abnormal the societal pressures become that destroys a simple natural human behavior. Heartwrenching to watch...

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This was a hard film to watch, but it was so real and authentic. Sadly, this story is one that I've heard many times before. This happens in so many immigrant communities right here in the US. Thank you, Iram Haq, for sharing pieces of your story in this film.

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Way too disturbed by this movie to comment.

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Then why are you commenting?

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Iffah Suraya

what a messed up culture that is.

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No culture is better than other. American culture murder rape abuse women and children.more children are sexuality abuse rape killed in America than another country.more children are in prison speaking of death penalty and abortion.

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Wow. An important film but hard to watch.

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An awfully well done and enlightening film. I do not think the girl is caught between two cultures in that she is clearly not willing to bend to her family's expectations and therein lies the conflict. It would be easy to dismiss this film as melodrama but it has such a feel of authenticity ...Read more

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