What's With Wheat
Tracing the Causes and Effects of Gluten Intolerance

What's With Wheat - Tracing the Causes and Effects of Gluten Intolerance
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Having suffered from IBS and anaemia and lot of joint pain, removing wheat helped me so much and I have not ever tested positive to celiac. When my IBS was diagnosed I was on a very carefully prescribed low FODMAP diet, which eliminated fructose levels to very low. BUT... low FODMAP bread ...Read more

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It's not anti-wheat, per se: this doc interrogates our new propensity to develop bizarre auto-immune disorders, and ultimately points the finger at chemical-dependent monocrop agriculture (thanks again, Green Revolution). True that there is some sketchy speculation here--no, I'm not giving up ...Read more

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There was a time when kids outgrew allergies. Now adults develop them. When things are broken, best to consider all possibilities.

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Imagine no hamburger and pizza joints around ??????????? Don't think so, somehow.

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Sounds like BS...

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Fine documentary, stuffed with actual facts, and not just "theories." Well worth watching, and thinking about; highly recommended.

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Thanks for sharing intelligent thoughts.

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Well, besides bring awareness about the issues with our food industry, I am not sure what I learned from all of these. The problem is the people in this documentary are all so full of themselves and pretend that they are experts and know-it-all. The reality is that they have a theory, and ...Read more

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No, I Will Not Promote Your Anti-Wheat Documentary

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