When Culture Invades the Classroom

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Learning Curves: Education
Part of the Series: The Way We Live Series
What kind of education a child can expect to receive may have less to do with the teacher and more to do socioeconomic status, race and culture. These and other factors make the question of how best to educate American children a complicated one. In this episode you will meet…
The Rich-and-Poor Learning Cycle
Episode 23 of How the World Learns
How should we measure academic success? By standardized tests and school grades? By transition and mobility within an education system? See how true success in education is a delicate balance between school factors and non-school factors, which can look quite different depending on the context.
Ups and Downs: Social Stratification
Part of the Series: The Way We Live Series
Since the 1950s when opportunity reached its peak, the gap between the "haves and have nots" has grown. This lesson looks at social stratification and the dimensions of social inequality that exist in the United States. Factors that contribute to stratification are discussed, including race, gender, education, income level, and…
Making Connections, Choosing Partners
Part of the Series: Our Families, Ourselves Series
This lesson looks at traditional as well as contemporary dating and mating rituals. What factors tend to draw people together, or wedge them apart? Just what role does culture play? And what are the qualities that tend to distinguish relationships that stand the test of time?
The Cola Conquest
Using the story of the most successful commercial brand in world history, The Cola Conquest is a revealing examination of popular culture in America and the exportation of American commercialism around the globe. Beginning its inquiry in 1895, The Cola Conquest traces the evolution of commercial supply and demand, and…
Sputnik Launches the Science-Math Race
Episode 2 of How the World Learns
Dating back to Sputnik in the 1950s, education culture has been driven by anxiety. Learn about the history of "crisis" in U.S. education before investigating how America's educational system compares with schools and students in other countries. Focus on TIMSS in particular, which tracks mathematics and science achievement in about…
Global Ethics
This video suggests that there is no absolute or definitive statement on what constitutes ethical behavior and that an individual's sense of ethics is determined by a number of social, cultural, and religious factors and influences. Viewers will hear how the role of ethics in management practices, global marketing, and…
Parents and Children
Part of the Series: Our Families, Ourselves Series
This lesson explores some of the factors that influence parenting choices, including social class. It also looks at the growing impact of outside-the-home childcare.
Bubbeh Lee & Me
This Emmy-nominated documentary is a hilarious portrait of an extraordinary, ordinary grandmother and a touching account of her grandson's search for his place in the world. Whether taking daily excursions to the grocery store to return under-ripe produce or sharing hard-won wisdom over blintzes on Rosh Hashanah, Lee Abrahams is…
Mass Appeal: Collective Behavior and Social Movements
Part of the Series: The Way We Live Series
Social movements are not a new phenomenon. Fundamental to all social movements is the idea of collective identity. But other factors are often at play - politics, values, emotion, tactics - which often determine whether a social movement will be a success or a failure.
Why We Eat What We Eat
The student council members at Jefferson High School decide to throw a Great Food Adventure buffet. As all kinds of different foods arrive, the students realize that they have different tastes and a variety of reasons for choosing the foods that they eat. Some of the reasons presented include: hunger,...The…
Against the Grain: Deviance
Part of the Series: The Way We Live Series
Conventional wisdom suggests that behavior "outside the norm" can be considered deviant. But can we really define deviant behavior? Differing views on sexuality and violent crime are explored in the lesson, as are some of the moral, religious and psychological factors that play a role in understanding deviant behavior.