When Students Write

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Building a Writing Community
Discover how to create a community in your classroom where students can live as writers, find their voices and take risks that allow them to develop competence as writers.
Teaching Writing Skills in Context
Watch as teachers demonstrate how important skills are taught in the context of an ongoing writing workshop, and learn from the management tools they use to assess their students.
Literature That Supports Writing
This program focuses on the reading-writing connection and covers 'deep reading', where teachers and students delve into a text to study the author's technique.
Craft Lessons to Stretch Young Writers
What exactly is a craft lesson? How (and when) might you teach it? How can you assess the needs of your students so you know which craft lessons to teach?

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Talking About Writing
In this two-part series we revisit Bailey's Elementary school on the outskirts of Washington, DC, to watch and listen as accomplished teachers of students in grades 3 through 5 confer with students about their writing. Program 1, The Essentials of Conferring, covers a range of topics, including active listening, knowing…
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Bringing Reading to Life
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