When Two Worlds Collide
A Battle for Indigenous Amazonian Land

When Two Worlds Collide - A Battle for Indigenous Amazonian Land
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Everyone needs to see this film! This affects all of us and the rainforest is still being destroyed today. Thank you to all of the brave Indigenous activists who are defending the environment "so that the rest of humanity will always have the rainforest" Alberto Pizango, Indigenous leader ...Read more

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This is nothing new. The indigenous people of the "United States" were effectively exterminated by the government. "The immediate objectives are the total destruction and devastation of indian settlements..essential to ruin their crops on the ground and prevent their planting more' (George ...Read more

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This is one of the most powerful and distressing documentaries that I have seen. It is heartbreaking to witness the Government's contempt for the indigenous communities in Peru and I was left with very little hope that any change would come. I hope this film receives the exposure it deserves ...Read more

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I am peruvian and I agree on everything you say. Watching this documentary has been very heartbreaking indeed, I was much younger when this conflict started and after this documentary I can finally say that I understood the magnitude of this event. I hope that this documentary can be ...Read more

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