White God
Fehér isten

White God - Fehér isten
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Unforgettable film that's one of the best I've seen in the last decade. It's not perfect, and can be tough to watch at times (some animal cruelty), but karma rights all wrongs in the end.

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I was sad to see that there is actually human beings doing this to dogs. I hope we find them and punish them the way dogs did it in this movie. And I hope Hagen is in heaven because he suffered so much and he was still gentle. And his friend, whats such a beautiful friend and I hated how he ...Read more

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the moral of this story is that all humans hate dogs, which is a big suspension of disbelief

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I gave up after about 10 minutes. I could not engage with any of the wooden characters and found the slaughter house scene unnessarily gory.

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This film was brutally violent and bizarre.

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Dogs fear us in the
singular, and we fear them
in the collective.

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I did not find this to be a very good film. Sure it has some good messages, but they were expressed in a rather unoriginal manner. There were some interesting scenes, mainly of the dogs, but overall I found the cinematography and the acting to be bland (too much shaky camera, far too slow, ...Read more

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Amazing story. There is a big lesson for humans to learn here in the environment we live today. Pack mentality works with people, too.

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Incredibly powerful story of a girl and her mixed-breed dog. Some scenes show strangers' cruelty toward her dog which is hard to take, but their cruelty in the end is justly rewarded. You'll love this film if you love dogs and kids, and if your stomach can take a little gore.

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Mario Alberto

Great movie with a powerful message.

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