Who We Are Now

Who We Are Now
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Brilliant acting...engaging with a powerful story line. I loved the ending! Highly recommended.

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People make mistakes. This movie showcases the societal consequences of incarceration yet gives a window into the seemingly unforgivable incidences that ultimately call for redemption. We each have our own trials. Very thoughtful story.

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Such horrid circumstances to have to live with something so tragic. Good acting.

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This is an amazing movie that was shamefully snubbed by the Oscars, Golden Globes, SAG, etc. Just blown away by this flick!

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Why is Rebecca Hall not listed as a cast member? Why did she withdraw her name?

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The most powerful changes are those that come within. Desperation to have her child back, made this woman to act irrationally without noticing that her behavior didn't help. Change within gave her peace.

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Education is knowledge, information, and wisdom. It is the only mean that justifies every end.

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Julianne Nicholson delivers a totally brilliant performance with a top notch supporting cast. I didn't see the final twist which changed this from a top film to a exceptional one!

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Loved this. Unpredictable and moving. Beautifully filmed.

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Honey Lane

Beautifully done! I really like the movie!

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Excellent! The movie was thoroughly engaging.

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Very good! I enjoyed it.

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phenomenal. 5 stars. thank you.

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