The Wind Will Carry Us

The Wind Will Carry Us
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Mark avatar

Great cinematography. Perhaps one too many trips to higher ground. Main character fairly unlikeable through most of the film. Key moments fill in what's going on to some extent but still a vagueness hangs over it all. 3.25 stars..

Brandon  avatar

"Observing nature is better than playing backgammon." "Prefer the present to these fine promises."
I just have to mention how relieved I was when the turtle flipped back on its feet. For those wondering what the movie is 'about,' it's quite obviously an (ahead-of-its-time) argument for ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The village in this film is the type you read about after an earthquake. Almost every building collapses and almost everyone is killed or injured. Nothing charming about the place. And those damn barking dogs! I'm watching it with the sound turned off. Fucking barking dogs!

Anonymous picture

Everything in this film is just masterful. Whoever says it was a waste of time, or that there's no point to the film must watch it again and look closer at what Kiarostami's approach is really all about. RIP Kiarostami

Anonymous picture

I enjoyed seeing the close look at village life and the gorgeous countryside. But......wait, what was it about? Why was the main character even in the village? I sort of feel like I just wasted two hours. He wasn't a very sympathetic character, and I'd hoped for some more answers as to why he ...Read more

Anonymous picture
kay louise

Yes, it was visually gorgeous, the simple mud villages, the stencils on the walls, the sweeping vistas..found it hard to follow....why did he interrupt the boy during his exams? racing around in his car to get phone reception-to show how remote the area was? Was the bone floating in the water ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I wanted to like this film because the cinematography is so beautiful. As long as "the Engineer" was in the village, the minor characters made up for the lack of any discernible story line. Once he left the village though, and was driving around talking to people, there was just nothing ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Sweeping vistas, interpersonal little dramas, unseen off screen but present character. Nicely done for the cinema enthusiast. For the general movie watcher, it may have been a bit slow moving.

Anonymous picture

A true master in cinema. RIP

Anonymous picture

Kiarostami was a master at these seemingly simple stories that suddenly reveal humanistic depth and empathy and take a hold of the viewer. It's one of those slow developing films that makes you discover the plot without any overly talky exposition. If you give it the time, you might just find ...Read more

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