Winter Sleep

Winter Sleep
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It might -- and I say might -- come down to how much you are engaged by the dramatic tactics, emotional strategies of Chekhov's plays. They talk and talk, apparently aimlessly but very revealingly nonetheless, and it seems that all they do is talk. True. [Once Upon a Time...] was similar, but ...Read more

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kay louise

agree with your analysis, Edward, but would not give 5 stars. The 1st Kanopy film I've been dissatisfied/disappointed with. I considered giving up on it before the 1st hour was over-found the philosophical conversations irritating/inane! loved seeing Kapadokya in winter-the troglodyte ...Read more

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emre can

saying barbaric is a bit irrelevant and offensive since the word "barbaric" is a kind of description which points a group instead of a singular person, so you could use one of the any other words which comes with the same meaning like brutal, cruel, violent or troglodytic which is more ...Read more

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kay louise

cannot keep up with your analysis/verbage-was responding to the film/people emotionally, I suppose-has been so long since I watched the film, hard to remember...I was interested as I've been to Turkey many times , but never in winter.. I remember when I 1st saw pictures of the balloons ...Read more

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emre can

this is a dram movie. and there is not any other break in method in the world for the horses. while there is reality, the cinema will show them. as it shows jews' sorrows, American Indians' sorrows or transsexual related topics. they are all hot topics. and need to be touched by fine arts as ...Read more

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My very same sentiments.

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This is a moody piece about denial and self-discovery and learning humility. Beautiful cinematography and fine acting carry this slow-paced film. Five stars.

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