Wipe Out Bullying

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Why Do Bullies Bully? Who they Pick On & Why
Program Content & Student Discussion Includes:
  • What motivates a bully
  • The characteristics of a bully
  • Why bullies bully
  • Who they pick on and why
  • What bullies look for
  • The…
The 4 Types of Bullying - Physical, Verbal, Exclusion, Online
Program Content & Student Discussion Includes:
  • The many forms of bullying
  • Cyber bullying
  • Physical bullying
  • Emotional bullying
  • Verbal bullying
  • Cliques
  • Exclusion
  • Friendship manipulation
  • Overcoming labels
  • Judging by appearance
  • Embrace…
Where Does Bullying Happen - How to Deal with Physical Threats & Intimidation
Program Content & Student Discussion Includes:
  • Online bullying
  • Physical threats
  • Physical altercations
  • How to handle resentment and fear
  • Assault and battery - arrest, conviction, probation
  • Bullying at school
  • The…
Bully Think Twice - How to Deal with a Bully
Program Content & Student Discussion Includes:
  • How to deal with a bully
  • What to do if you are a victim of bullying
  • How to help others who are being…

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My Blog: Dealing with Bullies (And No One Gets Hurt)
Bullying is a reality for students in schools everywhere. You're either a bully, a victim or a witness. Using true to life scenarios, this program explains exactly what bullying is and how it affects people who are abused by bullies. The program provides students with practical strategies they can use…
My Blog: Why Are There Bullies? (What are They Thinking?)
This program explores the reasons why kids become bullies. Through live-action, age-appropriate scenarios, viewers will come to understand why some kids are so aggressive, hurtful and mean to their classmates, teammates, friends and family members. Students will discover that there are a variety of reasons kids turn into bullies. Some…
Teasing and Bullying
Kids can be very mean to each other. Learn about the long-term effects of bullying for both the target and the bully. Understand what distinguishes bullying from ordinary meanness and how bullying differs among boys and girls. Gain practical strategies to use if your child is the target of bullying…
7 Ways to Block a CyberBully
Cyber bullies don't shove kids on the playground or steal lunch money, but they are just as dangerous. They stay hidden behind technology and target students on the Internet and through cell phones. This film teaches students how to be smart and stay safe in a cyber bully situation. "7…
Bullying Cultures - The Social and Psychological Dynamics of Bullying
While most of us have not directly experienced the pain of serious bullying, we all know of someone who has. We have heard their stories from schools, children's residential homes, youth detention centres, refugee detention centres and workplaces. Introducing laws against bullying was thought by many to be the answer.…
Apples and Oranges
Apples and Oranges is designed to raise children's awareness of the harmful effects of homophobia and gender-related name calling, intolerance, stereotyping and bullying. In the course of a lively in-class discussion among elementary students and an equity educator, children's paintings magically dissolve into two short animated stories. In Anta's Revenge,…
Workplace Bullying
Highlights the importance of identifying a bully and handling bullying cases properly.
Hear Me Now - The Bullied Have a Voice
A stylish and poignant documentary featuring compelling stories from dozens who have been affected by bullying in schools and continue to be affected, giving viewers a candid look inside the world of bullying and the inspiration to find hope amid the darkness. HEAR ME NOW strives to become the quintessential…
Reject - Social Rejection and the Science of Belonging
A scientific and solution-oriented look at the roots of bullying and violent behavior. Using brain imaging (fMRI) and a simple ball-tossing game, researchers demonstrate that the brain looks as though it is in actual physical pain when people are rejected, even when the person doing the rejecting is a total…
Bullying & Harassment for Managers
Highlights the importance of identifying a bully and handling bullying cases properly.
Bullies & Harassment
Part of the Series: Real Life Teens
This program discusses bullies and harassment on campus and some of the motivations behind a bullys behavior. Using interviews with teens that bully and teens that have been bullied, this program provides a broad understanding of why bullies do what they do, the best way to handle them and who…
The Student Body - Taking a Stand Against State-Mandated BMI Tests
This is a true underdog story of two brave girls who take a stand against bullying, government intrusion and hypocrisy while exploring the complex and controversial truths behind the childhood obesity debate. Coined the "Fat Letters" by students, notification letters forced by lawmakers were sent to kids whose body mass…