A Wish for Wings
Part of the Series: In Search of the Brontes

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Gone Like Dreams
Part of the Series: In Search of the Brontes
By 1844, the Brontes have lived through many trials and tribulations but they have no idea of the tragedy that is still to come. Charlotte, Emily and Anne retreat to Haworth parsonage following unsuccessful periods working as governesses. Threatened by financial penury and encouraged by the determined and ambitious Charlotte,…
In Search of the Brontes
The story of three sisters, their precocious creativity, the scandalous reputations they sought to subvert and the mythical legacy they deliberately left behind. It is a story of alcoholism and illness, of thwarted passion and unrequited love, and of a 19th-century quest for fame. When people think of the Brontes,…
The Mystery of Agatha Christie with David Suchet
David Suchet, TV's Poirot, has spent more of his life acting out the plots and dramas created by Agatha Christie than anyone else in the world. Suchet is embarking on a journey to learn more about the woman who created Poirot and whose books remain outsold only by Shakespeare and…
The Brontes: Fantasy And Reality
Excerpts from journals, letters, poetry and prose enrich this narrative biography of Anne, Charlotte and Emily Bronte. The program introduces the sisters' major works and illuminates their basic, recurrent themes. Samples of their own art-work, on-location photography of northern England, as well as prints, paintings and sketches portray the land…
Elizabeth Bennet--A Proper Pride
Episode 12 of Heroes and Legends
Meet the charming heroine from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The story of her complicated relationship with Mr. Darcy is a realistic Cinderella story and has lent itself to numerous adaptations, including Bridget Jones's Diary. Consider the integral role that money and social class play in this classic tale of…
Fairy-Tale Heroines--New-Style Princesses
Episode 22 of Heroes and Legends
Cinderella. Snow White. Rapunzel. These fairy-tale heroines are imbued in our cultural consciousness. What lessons are they meant to teach? And do these lessons align with our current cultural values? Study the composite fairy-tale heroine, both in the classic fairy tales and in modern revisions from authors such as Angela…
Heart of Darkness (Bookmark)
Africa seen through the eyes of one of the greatest novelists of the 20th Century, Joseph Conrad. His novel Heart of Darkness has always provoked admiration and controversy and was the inspiration for Coppola's film Apocalypse Now. This film takes a journey up the River Zaire, juxtaposing Conrad's classic tale…
Classroom Classics I
Identify major literary themes and see how characters and plots are developed. Program features dramatic clips from these popular classics: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank & A Separate Peace by John Knowles.
Robert Leeson with Mary Cadogan
Part of the Series: Writers Talk Series
Topics Discussed in the Interview: Writing for children from a socialist perspective Stories with 'schools' settings Television's challenge to the book The oral folk tradition
Alison Lurie with Malcolm Bradbury
Part of the Series: Writers Talk Series
Topics Discussed in the Interview: Women novelists Socio-realist tradition in American writing Review of current writing
Gore Vidal with Lorna Sage
Part of the Series: Writers Talk Series
Topics Discussed in the Interview: Americans and their history Impact of the televisual culture Ambition and power in the United States 'Lincoln'
D M Thomas with Wendy Perriam and Clare Boylan
Part of the Series: Writers Talk Series
Topics Discussed in the Interview: Sex in literature The issue of pornography Style and vocabulary