Woman on the Run

Woman on the Run
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Terrific Americana. Some fine appearances by familiar character actors,
and Ann Sheridan is standout. They don't make em like they used ta.

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Doesn't fit all the definitions of "noir" (right off da bat, the protagonist is a dame, an' she don' even pack heat), but it's a lost gem. A great San Francisco picture in many ways including tastes of the waterfront, Playland, downtown, bohemian life, ethnic history, etc. Heartbreaking ...Read more

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They did a nice job with the film reconstruction. The movie is a "meh" period piece that barely qualifies as a noir...Suspense was ok though...

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Not that great. I have seen a lot of noirs, and I think this barely qualifies. It's actually kind of a love story with a lot of corn thrown in. additionally, the plot doesn't make much sense.

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It's interesting to compare the darkly romantic view of San Francisco that Hitchcock created in "Vertigo" to the matter-of-fact documentary approach seen in this movie.

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great script

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ucla, ucla, ucla thanks guys, good work
great photography, very creative, mohr could have distracted from the script with this type of genius, but no, however, it seemed some of the directing did detract from the photography and script, the type of film you could edit tighter.

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Not quite dark enough to be considered true noir, but very enjoyable. San Francisco was such a great city back then.

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Fun, snappy noir. Great vintage SF vibe.

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What a discovery! It's a top rate B Noir with amazing acting, locations, story, and dialogue. I see the Welles' influence from THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI (1947). Thank goodness it was saved!

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Really enjoyed the movie!

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Very intelligent exciting thriller with lots of plot twists. Great Film.

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Tourist trip through old San Francisco. Beautiful shots of all the famous landmarks.

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This is an interesting noir- the central lead is a woman who isn't a femme fatale leading an innocent man to his doom
Also the photography is superb!

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It's an odd one, isn't it, if one considers one classic noir trope is the wife hiring the private investigator to find her missing husband, and the investigator finding out how crooked both of them are. I'll try to keep it spoiler-free, but in this movie, we have a guy who says he's an ...Read more

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Love old movies and always love movies that take place in California. Never had the opportunity to see the amusement park in SF. Hard to believe the police had nothing else to do. Thanks!

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While I don't think this is as strong a noir as others I've seen (particularly works of Billy Wilder), I still found this to be a really solid and entertaining film. The fact that this film was almost completely lost is crazy and makes me appreciate being able to watch it today. The ...Read more

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Stunning movie. I watched this some 30 years ago and it is still as fresh now. Glad to see it was restored. The dialogue is full of come-backs and the story is intriguing.

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A really enjoyable film! Snappy dialogue, lots of suspense, great scenery and exciting climactic roller coaster ride. Interesting seeing the SAnFrancisco of half a century ago.

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Yes, this was a great historical snapshot of downtown San Francisco from the 1950s!

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Ann Sheridan's dialogue is so funny, great actress.

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Captivating character development and great story line will have you on the edge until the very end. To think that this film was almost lost to the world in a studio fire makes me glad to have had the opportunity to watch it.

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Wonderful film and performances. Beautiful portrait of 1950s San Francisco. The final scenes with the heroine riding a roller coaster are particularly thrilling!

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