World War I - The War in Europe

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Witness to History Series
Witness to History is a series of award winning documentary films that focus on specific moments in history. Using archival footage and voice over narrative, these videos give the viewer a "you are there" sense of world events. Each film is between 12-15 minutes and is ideal as either a…
Post Civil War Weapons and the Winning of the West
Part of the Series: Guns - The Evolution of Firearms
From the Post-Civil War military to the wild frontier, the demand for firearms was growing. The need for inexpensive and quickly produced firearms sparked invention and continued the evolution of the gun.
The Weapons of the Civil War
Part of the Series: Guns - The Evolution of Firearms
From the North to the South the firearms that won the Civil War.
The Weapons of World War II
Part of the Series: Guns - The Evolution of Firearms
The need to keep up with modern warfare sparked invention and economic growth.
The History of the United States - 1850 through Present Day
Part of the Series: A Nation Of Immigrants
This program illustrates the stresses and strains of a maturing but divided society through the Civil War, Reconstruction, universal suffrage, the struggle for civil rights, to the growth of a truly multiracial and multiethnic society. President Lincoln--Assassinated! See how the U.S. rebuilt after the Civil War and discover the Industrial…
Part of the Series: Freedom: A History of US
The episode begins by examining how the terrorist attack of September 11th sparked a renewed focus on freedom. The program then takes us back to the summer of 1776. The thirteen colonies stake everything on an armed struggle for freedom and the chance to build a new kind of nation.…
Blood and Iron: The Story of the German War Machine Episode 1-3
A three part mini-series showing the development of German industrial might throughout the 20th century and how Germany became a central foe of Western powers in the world wars that dominated the first half of 20th century life. In Episode 1 THE GREAT WAR COMES takes the viewer back to…
1939 Khalkin Gol—Sowing the Seeds of WWII
Here, an obscure battle in Mongolia produced global effects. Track the tensions between Russia and Japan that led to a bloody border conflict that neither side had sought. Grasp how this one event directly contributed to both the outbreak of war in the Pacific and Europe and the outcome of…
Civil War to WWII
Part of the Series: Sniper: The Unseen Warrior
In this episode, the role snipers played in shaping four major conflicts is explored: The Civil War, the Plains Indian War, WWI and WWII.
Ken Burns: The Civil War
THE CIVIL WAR, is an epic nine-episode series by the award-winning documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. The film is a comprehensive and definitive history of the American Civil War, and the recipient of 40 major film and television awards, including two Emmys and two Grammys. Heralded as an unforgettable introduction to…
World War II
The seeds of World War II were sown in the dark days of depression following the first world conflict. While the United States chose a course of isolationism, escalating aggression in Europe and Asia threatened world stability. Without warning, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor pushed the reluctant U.S. into…
Gottschalk: The Union - 1862
Louis Moreau Gottschalk was the first truly American composer. Delve into his early life in New Orleans, and observe the richly diverse cultures that shaped his music, encompassing European, Caribbean, Latin American and African influences. Follow his remarkable career as a touring composer-piano virtuoso, his tireless work for the Northern…