In the Year of the Pig
Origins of the Vietnam War

In the Year of the Pig - Origins of the Vietnam War
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I am a Vietnam veteran who was stationed at Tan Son Nhut AB in Saigon in 1967-1968. I, like most of those around me, believed we were there for a noble purpose. Once I returned home, I tried, quite successfully I might add, to just put it behind me. But as the years went by, I became ...Read more

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Sad , the continuing blunders we make...the tragedy of our arrogance in trying to shape the world, as we think it should be.

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This item bills itself as "The Origins of the Vietnamese War" and after an incomprehensible intro, an artsy-fartsy attempt to impress the pseudo-intellectuals, somewhere in the first hour it does make some vague references to a little of the history. It then settles into the usual rant - (And ...Read more

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Hi Lou, perhaps your criticism is a bit unfair to the extent that the film was made in 1968. Indeed it is inconvenient, but lucid historical analysis tends to require distance.

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