Youth in Oregon

Youth in Oregon
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Good film, but I'm glad they didn't actually show him going through with his suicide mission as planned. That would of been really heartbreaking, especially for the whole rest of his family. I'm still not getting why he kept insisting on ending his life, if surgery couldn't help repair his ...Read more

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Good film, well worth the watch but I wish it dug deeper and focused more on what happens after the last scene.

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cuts to the heart, very real/raw...makes you think about life, and it's end.

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Good movie. I liked it. Frank Langella is a great actor.The ending part is very touching.

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I enjoyed it. Billy Crudup was the heart of the story for me. He held everyone together and acted like a stellar human being in the whirlwind of other peoples dramas. The question of deciding one's fate is a relevant topic.

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If I had seen only the last 30 minutes of this film, I would have given it an excellent rating and been excited to see the beginning. Sadly, the first part of the film was full of unlikable and over the top characters. How at least four of them turned into meaningful characters later is a ...Read more

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I thought this was a good look at a real issue families have to face. Good acting. Yes, it dragged at bit, but life does that, too.

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This had so much potential. Unfortunately the script lacks focus. I had a hard time even liking any of the characters aside from the older couple and Danny. Should have ended once they woke to find Danny and pop gone...

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Good acting and interesting subject, though the script needs more work.

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Actually, I think the script was good, overall. The questions were good and relevant and the movie ended up in a different place than you thought it would--that's a good thing. Some of the pacing was too slow and there was too much time in the first part of the road trip, but hte ...Read more

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Two thumbs down. Bad script. Unconvincing. Too bad, interesting subject.

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