The Zero Theorem

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Good design. Good acting. Weird script and ultimately without meaning. Very frustrating, and nihilistic.

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Would I be wrong if I called this film a comedy rather than drama?

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Great service!

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Hard to watch to the very end but the set design and cinematography were good

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The future is here and in our minds ...protect your mind against wifi by using ethernet from the router to your tv or laptops.
Stay as far away from bluetooth and old tube tvs and at least 2 feet away from digital tvs.. PS ...I and confirmed 2 other people saw a space colony go twards ...Read more

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I'm baffled by the lackluster reception of this film by the critical establishment. It's nearly perfect. Every actor delivers a spot on and unique take of their respective characters. Christoph Waltz, Tilda Swinton and Melanie Thierry performances are vulnerable, complex and nuanced. The ...Read more

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Yes, good people, but with the burden of a mediocre script....
There have been many beautiful cinemas, but so many have been just that, lacking
other elements... this cinema did not fit either european, or US criteria for
a successful accomplishment...

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Not Gilliam's best work. The design and cinematography was good though. I think it could have been more better from what I experienced from his past films.

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The film was not what I thought it would be; about space and outer space. I could not watch it.

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Not my favorite Gilliam movie but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The production design/art direction was absolutely wonderful. I love a good dystopian story and the cast is great, especially Christoph Waltz and Tilda Swinton (who is always amazing).

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could not get through this. the costume and set design were beautiful though.

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A somewhat sarcastic and very dark view of a dystopian surveillance state, goverened by virtual reality and mind control chaos at every level. . .somewhat akin to being trapped in Times Square and a Las Vegas casino simultaneously. . .the ultimate nightmare. . .especially for a brilliant ...Read more

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