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Apfelbaum (Apple tree)
To prevent his apples from rolling down to his neighbour's house, a gardener builds a wall next to his apple tree in this stop-motion animated short.
Gott und die Welt (In the Name of God)
Two men happen to face god - something they had never expected. When God leaves they set-out to find a new church, but they find out that they have different beliefs in this animated short film.
If an airplane encounters birds, the birds are normally on the losing end. But what if the airplane is smaller than the bird?
Wallflower Tango
Kalle, a thief who is just about to steel a valuable diamond is caught by the lonely Charlotte. Kalle tries to escape with his haul but Charlotte is not willing to let him go...
Bär (Bear)
A grandchild recounts his grandfather's difficult past and the burden of his own inheritance. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize for World Cinema Shorts at the Indianapolis International Film Festival.
When an artist falls in love with a plastic surgeon, all bets are off! Their relationship, told through beautiful, illustrated love letters, raises issues of medical ethics, self-esteem, the embrace of our so-called "flaws," and what love looks like. Ultimately, FLAWED is less about whether girl can get along with…
As beautiful as it is haunting, this animated short film paints a vivid portrait of two strangers intimately linked by the shared ceilings, floors and plumbing of their apartments. When an unexpected problem arises, these comfortable connections are compromised. Wendy Tilby uses a painstaking animation process involving painting on glass…
Kieselstein (Pebble Stone)
While playing outside little Lisa builds together her own playfellow from various objects. But when her mother asks her to tidy up and come to dinner Lisa has a problem. Her new friend is not willing to be cleaned up.
Am anderen Ende
Marianne works for a crisis line night after night; no one is able to help all the lonesome people at the other end of the line no matter how hard she tries. But tonight night she will have to face her own problems...
Am Fenster (Two Windows)
In order to reconnect his TV satellite, Helmut decides to climb out of his window in a resolute manner. His neighbor Walter misinterprets this action as an attempted suicide. While trying to clear this misunderstanding, the two become friends.
Looking for something to eat, a homeless woman sneaks into a man's apartment. When she is almost caught, she hides in his closet. But instead of leaving the apartment, she gets interested in the man and starts to secretly live there and observe him. What she doesn't realize, however, is…
Kindeseile (Child Rush)
Because of his cancer, Pavel has to intensify his chemotherapy. One of its side effects is the loss of fertility. The exhausting therapy is to start in five days. Pavel and Jasmin have only recently begun their relationship but they now have to make decisions that were expected to come…