Choctaw Code Talkers - Heroic Native American World War One Soldiers
...effective military weapon and establishing them as America's Original Code Talkers. ...
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Supporting Early Literacy 0-5
...these sequences. This video includes the following sequences: Talkers & Listeners A Love of Books Drawing & Mark Making Rhymes & Songs...
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Why Don't You Get A Horse, Sam Adams?
Sam Adams loved to walk around his hometown Boston, but finally gets a horse for the good of his country.
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Jacob Two-Two and Scholars for Dollars
Episode 8 of Jacob Two Two Season 1
Jacob is tired of failing sour Pickle's daily country capitals quiz, so he figures out her system for picking which countries to ask.
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The U.S. Marine Corps - 1917-Today
Part of the Series: The United States Military - A History of Heroes
The colorful history and evolution of the men and women of our nation's Marine Corps from 1917 to today
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A Nation at War
Part of the Series: The Unfinished Nation Series
American mobilizes for World War II. Strategies employed on both the Pacific and European fronts. U. S. becomes arsenal of allies; residual effects of economic boom. War, the American people and their culture: minorities, women, and labor. Internment of Japanese…
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The Hunters
Part of the Series: !Kung Series Collection
This re-release of an early classic in anthropological film follows the hunt of a giraffe by four men over a five-day period. The film was shot in 1952-53 on the third joint Smithsonian-Harvard Peabody sponsored Marshall family expedition to Africa…
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Where Do You Think You're Going, Christopher Columbus?
Jean Fritz's lively narration provides a colorful portrait of the man who staunchly led his men across the Ocean Sea to "learn the secrets of the world. And the best-kept secret in all the world turned out to be America!
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35 Shots of Rum - 35 rhums
From renowned director of High Life , Claire Denis' sublime 35 SHOTS OF RUM is the moving story of a father and daughter whose close-knit, tender relationship is disrupted by a handsome young suitor. Sumptuously filmed and featuring an evocative…
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Firm Foundations for Early Literacy
Laying firm foundations for early literacy skills is about the learning that goes on before actual reading and writing. Children need to build these foundations from the right kind of experiences and support from their very first year. This film…
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Thinking and Language
Part of the Series: Inside Out Series
The most concrete evidence of our ability to think is our use of language. This lesson explores both topics. Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman discusses his research in cognitive psychology, and linguist Noam Chomsky, along with others, explains the principles of…
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The Second Continental Congress
Part of the Series: Liberty's Kids
Desperate for information on what Congress is doing behind the closed doors of the statehouse, James unknowingly befriends a British spy. Sarah and Moses meet George Washington and together use "Yankee ingenuity" to fix Washington's carriage after it breaks.
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Patton and World War II
Part of the Series: The U.S. Cavalry: History of America's Mounted Forces
Join the General who will revolutionize the cavalry and lead it from the last battle fought on horses to modern tanks and inventions that will win WWII and be the next generation of armored cavalry
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Having sawdust in the blood is a carny compliment, but blood in the sawdust is another story. In 1936, during The Great Depression, a traveling sideshow sets up shop to mystify yet another dustbowl town with freaks and illusions. When…
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Pim Fortuyn: Death Of A Populist
Part of the Series: Political Assassination Series
Pim Fortuyn was a political outsider and reformist poised to be the next Prime Minister of Holland when on May 6, 2002 he was gunned down in the street after leaving a live radio interview. Only three months earlier this…
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The Science of Nonverbal Communication
Episode 1 of Understanding Nonverbal Communication
Learn about the popular, and often incorrectly referenced, study from the 1960s that opened the door to the modern study of nonverbal communication. Understand why nonverbal communication matters so much, and learn how it interacts with verbal communication to reemphasize…
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Wagner: The Ring - 1876
Episode 14 of Music as a Mirror of History
Wagner's operatic cycle The Ring functions metaphorically as a caustic critique of 19th-century European society. Learn about Wagner's embrace of anti-capitalist rhetoric in 1848 and 1849, a time when revolutions broke out across Europe, and his writing of revolutionary articles…
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Verdi: Nabucco - 1842
Episode 13 of Music as a Mirror of History
In the creation of his opera Nabucco, Giuseppe Verdi played a key role in the movement for Italian unification. Study the series of 19th-century rebellions against Austrian rule that culminated in the two Italian wars of independence. Observe how the…
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In this electrifying cat and mouse thriller, a down-and-out filmmaker (Garrett Hedlund) has a dangerous and shocking encounter with an evil drifter (Oscar Isaac) in the desert, leading to terrifying consequences when the deadly stranger follows his unsuspecting victim home.…
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More Than a Word - Native American-Based Sports Mascots
An exploration of Native American-based mascots, especially the Washington R_dskins, and their impact on real-life attitudes, issues, and policies. Through interviews with scholars, tribal leaders, lawyers, policy experts, activists, and Washington R_dskins fans, the film explores the history of the…
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