...Inside a non-descript apartment, a man and a woman converse, their voices hushed, mindful of waking the little girl sleeping in the next room. Behind a line...
The Ghost Army
...unique and moving visual record of their war. Their secret mission was kept hushed up for nearly 50 years after the war's end. ...
The Carb Controversy
... Explore the "hype" and "health" of trendy low-carb diets! There is a hush in the nutrition courtroom as the judge prepares to hear a food group cause...
Noisy Nora
With everyone in her house too busy to listen, Nora makes her presence known at every turn
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Lucky Bastard
Rusty is a successful architect with the life of his dreams. However, when his boyfriend leaves town, Rusty meets a mysterious drifter names Denny who opens Rusty up to a strange new world.
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It Takes From Within
Inspired by arthouse films of the 1960s, IT TAKES FROM WITHIN presents a menacing world of dread, isolation, and unease. An ominous, bleak atmosphere permeates a desolate town where an unnamed man and woman make preparations to attend a burial.…
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Lily: We Are All Getting Older
A follow-up study to Lily: A Longitudinal View of Life with Down Syndrome, this poignant program is a loving portrait of Lily at age 49. It captures Lily's sweetness, good humor, and comfort in the life her family and professionals…
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The Ceiling - Katto
In the midst of divorce, Olavi retreats to his summer cottage only to find that the ceiling has mysteriously come down in this Finnish Short Film. Nominated for the Palme d'Or - Best Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival…
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Squidgie's Day Off
Episode 8 of Hoopla Doopla!
Squidgie has a bad cold and her sneezes and coughs sound like animal noises. Her friends think there are wild animals in her garden and try to rescue her.
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1805 Trafalgar—Nelson Thwarts Napoleon
Episode 25 of The Decisive Battles of World History Series
In 1805, after subduing much of Europe, Napoleon Bonaparte turned his sights on England. Study the events leading to the largest naval battle of the age, as Napoleon's combined French and Spanish fleet met the British navy under Admiral Horatio…
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Hiawatha's boyhood is gracefully brought to life against a background of authentic Native American music in this excerpt from Longfellow's classic poem.
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The Tricycle Solution - Teachable Moments for Parents and Preschoolers
Shot over the course of a school year, The Tricycle Solution portrays the daily experience of a cooperative preschool where parents are as much students as their children. The normal events and emotions of a preschoolers day--playing, creating, discovering, crying,…
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Wah Wah
Ralph Compton (Nicolas Hoult) witnesses the disintegration of his parents' marriage through adultery and alcohol set during the last gasp of the British Empire in Swaziland in 1969. When his father (Gabriel Byrne) remarries an American (Oscar-nominee Emily Watson), Ralph…
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Daughters of the Dust
At the dawn of the 20th century, a multi-generational family in the Gullah community on the Sea Islands off of South Carolina - former West African slaves who adopted many of their ancestors' Yoruba traditions - struggle to maintain their…
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Women & Wine - Kvinner & Cava
Turid is attending her friend's fiftieth birthday. During the party, she comes to realize she is no longer amongst her closest. Thus Turid starts a game to make her mark, and the party turns out to involve much more than…
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Cluny The Scourge: Part 1
Episode 1 of Redwall
Matthias the mouse is orphaned when the vile rat Cluny The Scourge destroys his township. Adopted by the generous creatures of Redwall Abbey, he grows up to admire their legendary protector, Martin The Warrior.
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Battle Plans
Episode 8 of Redwall
Conspiring with Matthias, Constance Badger builds a huge crossbow and shoots Cluny
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The Reckoning
Episode 10 of Tate
The adventures of a one-armed gunfighter (he lost the use of an arm during the Civil War) in the Old West.
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The Frontier Experience
Part of the Series: Shaping of the American Nation Collection
The Westward movement -- and a woman's perspective of that movement -- emerges in the dramatic story of Delilah Fowler's first year on the Kansas frontier in 1869. Based on diaries of the period, the program reveals the cruel violence,…
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The Bravest, The Boldest
A young mother in a Harlem housing project realizes the arrival of two Army officers brings news she can't allow herself to accept. Official Selection - Sundance Film Festival 2015
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