Drawing - Dry, Liquid, and Modern Media
Episode 10 of How to Look at and Understand Great Art
...diverse media of drawing, focusing on master drawings in metalpoint, charcoal, ink, pastel, and pencil. ...
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Drawing Fundamentals and First Exercises
Episode 3 of How to Draw
Explore essential first drawing exercises and learn how you will apply the skills developed here to much more complex subjects. Grasp how the curriculum--spanning the many pieces making up the "grammar" of drawing, such as composition, proportion, perspective, value, texture,…
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An Introduction to Drawing
Episode 1 of How to Draw
Begin by considering the remarkable history of drawing, a history that has produced knowledge, methodology, and techniques that are readily learnable. Assess common misconceptions about talent and genius; discover how learning to see analytically and abstractly helps us draw; and…
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Color: Color Theory and Color and Light
Episode 28 of How to Draw
Delve into color theory, beginning with the organization of primary and secondary colors on the color wheel. Learn about analogous and complementary colors, as well as the attributes of hue, value, and saturation. Investigate how color functions in nature, and…
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Medium and Message
Episode 23 of Writing and Civilization
Whether on papyrus, bamboo, clay, stone, or wood, writing shows an important relationship between medium and message. Explore the influence media have had on writing's shape, direction, and use by delving into the origins of terms used for writing implements,…
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Contemporary Painting 1950-1979
Part of the Series: The Australian Eye Series
This Australian Eye episode looks at the work of a group of Australian Painters during the period between 1950-1979. The following paintings are examined: 'The Harbour From McMahon's Point' (1950) by Lloyd Rees, 'Epiphany' (1962) by Ian Fairweather, 'Self Portrait…
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The Falls
Standing at a pivotal point in his filmography, poised between his earlier, witty shorts and the unique pleasures of his post-DRAUGHTSMAN'S CONTRACT oeuvre, THE FALLS is arguably the most significant film of Peter Greenaway's prolific career. Shot as a pseudo-documentary,…
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And When I Die, I Won't Stay Dead - Legendary Beat Poet, Bob Kaufman
Legendary Beat figure Bob Kaufman considered poetry a key to human survival, an idea made all the more legitimate by the longevity it's granted: the things he saw, heard, tasted, felt, and, most of all, thought were preserved in his…
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