Hélas Pour Moi - Oh, Woe Is Me
Directed by legendary filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, HELAS POUR MOI is based on the great Italian poet Leopardi and his description of mankind's slow, difficult path, with the anxiety and constant worry dogging the creator. The film is also inspired by…
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A Promise to My Father - One Survivor's Journey through the Holocaust
We re-trace the steps of Holocaust survivor Israel Arbeiter as he returns to Poland and Germany for the final time to look for items buried in 1939 in the basement of his old home in Plock, Poland as the German…
The Imaginary Friend Problem / The Promise Problem
Part of the Series: Peg + Cat
...dinosaurs search the jungle for Cat and Minkus, his imaginary monkey. The Promise Problem: Nothing can keep Romeo and Juliet from meeting between their...
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Pandora's Promise
...as history, cultural meditation and contemporary exploration, PANDORA'S PROMISE aims to inspire a serious and realistic debate over what is without question...
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Peril and Promise
Part of the Series: The Latino Americans
Takes viewers through the past 30 years, with a second wave of Cubans arriving in Miami during the Mariel exodus and with hundreds of thousands Salvadorans, Nicaraguans and Guatemalans fleeing civil wars, death squads and unrest to go north into…
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Civil War: Promise of Reconstruction
Part of the Series: Shaping of the American Nation Collection
What the future would hold for slaves after the Civil War was presaged by the Port Royal "experiment" re-created in this program. Gideonite missionaries set out to educate 7,000 slaves abandoned by plantation owners in South Carolina, and to teach…
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Abraham, Sarah, and the Promise
Episode 3 of Reading Biblical Literature: Genesis to Revelation
...patriarch is portrayed in Genesis 12!! 25. How is the overarching theme of promises reflected in his relationships with Sarah, Isaac, and God? Get to know...
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The Promise of Enlightenment
Episode 22 of The Science of Mindfulness: A Research-Based Path to Well-Being
The ultimate goal of traditional mindfulness practice is a psychological transformation known as "enlightenment." Grasp the nature of this awakening in practical terms and learn about various pitfalls and challenges people encounter along the path, including spiritual materialism, foundations for…
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The Promise and Perils of Social Media
Episode 59 of Critical Business Skills for Success Series
Dig into the unique opportunities--and challenges--of social media and word-of-mouth communications. From Facebook pages to viral videos, you'll learn how to navigate today's marketing innovations and tap into their power, reach, and low cost. You'll also learn how to dodge…
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Episode 11 of The Neverending Story
When giant fissures crack through the Grassy Plains, Bastian follow the great warrior Atreyu, and his sister Saiya back to the Greenskins camp to discover its source. There, Bastian and the Greenskin children learn of an evil Shaman from long…
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Promises Betrayed (1865 - 1896)
Episode 1 of The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
...constitutional rights began to be repressed at every turn, betraying the promises of Emancipation. Southern whites were embolden by the North's withdrawal...
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Exhibition On Screen: I, Claude Monet - I, Claude Monet
Monet's life is a gripping tale about a man who, behind his sun-dazzled canvases, suffered from feelings of depression, loneliness, even suicide. However, as his art developed and his love of gardening led to the glories of his Giverny garden,…
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Andrés Reads and Writes - Andrés lee i escribe
Andres Centeno, a young factory worker, spends his nights working long night shifts, leaving him in a continuous state of drowsiness. Andres has lost its way and forgotten his teenage dreams. He realizes that although he hasn't made the right…
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John Cage - I Have Nothing to Say And I Am Saying It
... John Cage: I Have Nothing to Say and I Am Saying It is a "performance biography" of American avant-garde composer John Cage. The 56-minute program takes...
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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not - À la folie... pas du tout
Talented art student Angelique is madly in love with Loic, a married cardiologist whose wife is expecting their first child. Things take a dangerous turn as Angelique grows less discreet in her affections and her attempts to separate the couple…
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Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down
...controversial tribute to the pleasures and perils of Stockholm syndrome, TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN! is a rambunctious dark comedy starring Antonio Banderas as an ...
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Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon
The story of three neurotic characters: A a girl whose face is scarred in a vicious attack (Liza Minnelli), a paraplegic (Robert Moore) and an introverted epileptic (Ken Howard) who, after leaving the hospital, set up housekeeping together in a…
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Monash - The Forgotten Anzac - An Australian World War I General
... One of the most brilliant generals of World War I and an architect of Anzac Day, Sir John Monash helped create the Anzac legend by ensuring the courage...
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Would I Follow Me?
Part of the Series: Business Skills Collection
...leadership style, how do you think you'd answer this question: Would I follow me? Most people in leadership positions are unaware of how the people they...
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My Father the Revolution and Me - A Family Drama
...over the cradle of the filmmaker. "I was born in the middle of a dream." But the film takes a different turn: "What do I do with this heritage?" In this family...
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