Penny Serenade
In this classic, heart-wrenching melodrama, Roger Adams (Cary Grant) and Julie (Irene Dunne) are married and deeply in love. Their dreams of starting a family are tragically put on hold when Julie suffers a miscarriage that leaves her unable to…
Edison: The Invention Of The Movies, Part 4
Part of the Series: Edison: The Invention Of The Movies
... At Bear Track Gulch * The Ambassador's Daughter * A Serenade by Proxy * All On Account of a Transfer 1914: One Touch of Nature * The Adventure of the...
The Transition to Romanticism
Episode 4 of ¡Guitarra!
... FOURTH MOVEMENT- Flamenco and the Romantic Guitar (Serenade) Tarrega: Three Mazurkas: Three Mazurkas - Marieta Paco Pena segment-discussion of Flamenco...
Georges Melies: First Wizard of Cinema Volume Three
...Clip #23: "The Terrible Turkish Executioner" - Clip #24: "A Moonlight Serenade" - Clip #25: "Tit For Tat" - Clip #26: "The Bewitched Trunk"...
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La Habanera
...Astree (Leander) falls under the enchanting spell of the Caribbean love serenade "La Habanera" and into the arms of Puerto Rican land baron Don Pedro de...
Handel’s Great Oratorio: Messiah
Episode 8 of The Great Works of Sacred Music
In the first of two lectures on Handel's Messiah, study the genre of oratorio, and see how Handel adapted it for his own purposes. Investigate the lives and partnership of Handel and Charles Jennens (the Messiah's librettist), and discover some…
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I Heart Ms. Strich / Mind Games
Part of the Series: Babar and the Adventures of Badou Season 5
I Heart Ms. Strich: Badou thinks Ms. Strich needs a sweetheart. Mind Games: Badou's little trick backfires.
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The First Silent Night
Join renowned actor Simon Callow as he uncovers the moving origins of the song Silent Night that has been two hundred years in the making. A story that begins in humble circumstances ends with the world's most popular carol. Simon…
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Aloha! This gentle portrait of Auntie Irmgard Farden Aluli, one of Hawaii's best loved composers, focuses on Hawaiian women's contributions to family structure, art, music and dance. An intimate glimpse into the real culture of the islands.
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Many Steps - The Origin and Evolution of African American Collegiate Stepping
A lively exploration of the historical and cultural context of "Stepping," an energetic communal dance form sweeping college campuses. Young teams of dancers creatively add hip-hop movements to a tradition dating back to the early 20th century. The origin and…
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Bart Cook: Choreographer
Bart Cook became a Principal Dancer with New York City Ballet in 1979. He worked extensively with Jerome Robbins, Associate Artistic Director of NYCB and prolific choreographer. Bart originated and performed soloist roles in The Cage, Glass Pieces, I'm Old…
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American Masters: Mike Nichols - The Career of a Legendary Filmmaker
This documentary chronicles the life and career of director Mike Nichols, one of only two people in history who have won Peabody, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards. AMERICAN MASTERS; MIKE NICHOLS was directed by Nichols' longtime comedy partner and…
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Of Time and the City  - Life in Liverpool
From the original voice of British auteur Terence Davies comes a visual poem about the director's life in Liverpool from 1945 to 1973. It is a very personal portrait of Liverpool, beyond its Beatles and its football clubs, the home…
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Marwencol - Recovering from a Brutal Attack, an Artist Creates a Miniature World
Jeff Malmberg's landmark documentary MARWENCOL follows the story of Mark Hogancamp, a victim of a brutal beating, who in response created a fantastic miniature world. As he documents the town's dramas with his camera, the dolls become living characters in…
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How Hollywood Does It - Creating the Magic of Film - Mise-en-scene
Part of the Series: How Hollywood Does It Collection
Mise-en-scene looks at how filmmakers make decisions about what is put before the camera. It includes costumes, props, set design, positioning of actors and much more. Mise en scene is a term that refers to all visual elements that appear…
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History Of Life: Mating – The Search for the Other Half
Part of the Series: History of Life
One of the most profound mysteries in the world, love between males and females, is explored. What was the evolutionary impetus which gave rise to love? Through an experiment involving the chlamydomonas, we recreate the fateful moment 25 billion years…
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The Spirit of a Mission: San Jose
JOEY Award of Excellence -San Jose Film Commission Mission San Jose, the 14th of California's 21 Spanish Missions, was founded on June 11, 1797, by Father Fermin Francisco de Lasuen, and helped secure Spain's claim to the land while its…
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Rio Grande
In this John Ford classic, John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara are embroiled in an epic battle with the Apaches and each other. Lt. Col. Yorke (John Wayne) leads his cavalry troops to the Rio Grande to fight a warring tribe.…
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Cary Grant: The Leading Man
Episode 4 of Hollywood Collection
Cary Grant was the very essence of a movie star: a man every woman loved and every man wanted to be. His deft comic style merged easily with his strength as a romantic leading man. But the suave exterior concealed…
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The Painted Churches of Romania
Episode 6 of The World's Greatest Churches
The churches of Romanian Moldavia, unique in the world, are richly adorned with frescoes both inside and outside. Explore examples of the extraordinary exterior paintings, noting how narrative themes are consistent on north, west, east, and south-facing walls. Study the…
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