Myth of the Bunyip
Episode 15 of Aussie Bush Tales
...follow Moort's advice and stay in a cave overnight. The fire casts eerie shadows onto the cave wall. The children see something that scares the living daylights...
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Southern Lights
Episode 11 of The Dreaming Series 5
An important lesson for a young boy and his people.
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Flight of an Eagle
Episode 13 of Aussie Bush Tales
Elder Moort spots an eagle flying over the camp, and decides he would like it for a pet. Moort calls the children and asks them to catch it for him. Later Moort is startled to see Boya in the sky…
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Great Dune Fields of North America
Episode 18 of A Geology of North America
Sand dunes aren't usually pictured in a setting of alpine peaks, but that's precisely the scene at Great Sand Dunes National Park in the Colorado Rockies. Study the conditions that create sprawling dune fields here as well as in Kobuk…
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Moral Hazard: Whom Do You Trust?
Episode 11 of The Economics of Uncertainty
Examine another outcome of asymmetric information: the moral hazard problem. This peril arose spectacularly in the 2008 financial crisis, with the widespread sale of bad loans to unwitting investors. But it also lurks in many small-scale transactions. Discover what you…
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Seeing Red - The Story of New Zealand Filmmaker Cecil Holmes
Cecil Holmes was a young talented New Zealander, born in Palmerston North, who became caught up in New Zealand's own "red scare". Having seen service - he had had a "good war" - Holmes returned to Wellington, his eyes opened…
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John Richardson: The Art of Picasso: 1927-1973
The celebrated art historian John Richardson has devoted his life to writing the definitive biography of Pablo Picasso. This film captures Richardson as he is writing the fourth and final volume of his biography. He shares his insights and observations…
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Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story - A Remarkable Story of Recovery and Transformation
Chef Eduardo Garcia went for a hike in Montana and was shocked with 2400 Volts of electricity when he touched a dead bear. He lost an arm, ribs, muscle mass, and nearly his life, but more important than what he…
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A Step Along the Way
Episode 3 of The Virginia Satir Series
Conducting family therapy can feel like an impossible juggling act, where complicated dynamics can make effective interventions elusive to the best of us. Successful clinicians must make sense of a family's needs as a whole, as well as facilitate work…
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Outcast of the Islands
Adapted from the Joseph Conrad novel of the same name, 1952's inimitable OUTCAST OF THE ISLANDS, directed by Oscar -winning director Carol Reed features Trevor Howard (Brief Encounter, The Third Man) Ralph Richardson (Peer Gynt, Falstaff). Peter Willems, a disreputable,…
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Great Nature
Part of the Series: Ken Burns: The National Parks
To battle unemployment in the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt creates the Civilian Conservation Corps, which spawns a "golden age" for the parks through major renovation projects. In a groundbreaking study, a young NPS biologist named George Melendez Wright discovers…
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Adventures of Barry McKenzie
Reviled by the critics! Adored by fair-dinkum Aussies! In this fan-bloody-tastic classic, Australia's favourite wild colonial boy, Barry McKenzie, journeys to the old country accompanied by his Aunt Edna Everage to take a Captain Cook and further his cultural and…
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