The Redfern Story - Fighting for Indigenous Rights Through Theater
...group of Redfern activists came together to seek out ways in which they could address the systematic oppression faced by their community. THE REDFERN STORY...
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Chris & Don - A Love Story
... The true-life story of the passionate three-decade relationship between British writer Christopher Isherwood (whose Berlin Stories was the basis for...
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Cinderella and the Prince Charles
Cinderella is in the hands of her cruel mother, but finds Prince Charles, and with him, lives happily ever after.
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... The inner Sydney suburb of Redfern is the urban stronghold of Aboriginal Australia. In recent years, Redfern is changing and so are the men in its community...
Around the Block
...building dreams. Set in a contemporary, tough, inner-city precinct, this is a story of revenge and triumph, as a teenage boy is torn between his unexpected love...
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Stolen Generations
... in most cases, were never to see their family again. The film tells 3 stories of Aboriginal people who were removed. Bobby Randall: a singer/songwriter...
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Bitter and Sweet
How does the startling beauty - and humour - of Aboriginal art intertwine with reverberations of the past and our present?
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Icons Of Our Time: Agatha Christie
Part of the Series: Icons Of Our Time
...computer analysis of Christie's every written word, her sentence structure, story arcs, poisons used, red herrings, clues and so on. Produced with the full...
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Film Australia's Australia: Black Australia
Aboriginality is a key issue facing all Australians but it is an exceedingly complex one and potentially divisive. The focus on Aboriginal identity in this program aims to stimulate deeper understanding of Aboriginality, the attitudes of non-Indigenous Australians towards Indigenous…
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Occupation: Native - Biting Back at Australian History
... The Aboriginal story has been buried deep beneath the 247-year-old accepted Australian narrative. In OCCUPATION: NATIVE, Aboriginal filmmaker Trisha...
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Dreams and Nightmares
From the 'dreaming' to the unsettling nightmare of colonisation, what is the role of memory, dreams and the spirit world in Aboriginal art?
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Qualitative Consumer Research Episode 10
Part of the Series: Qualitative Consumer Research Episodes 1-14
A video from ECU's archive of documentaries and teaching films. In this program Professor Hill describes the procedures to follow in conducting focus groups, the most widely used method of qualitative data collection. Excerpts from a focus group are used…
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