Keepers of the Magic - The Great Masters of Cinematography
This groundbreaking documentary explores our fascination with moving images and provides insight into how cinema's most iconic moments came to be. Most of all, it honors the great masters of cinematography's unsung heroes whose vision and talent was always right…
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In Song and Dance - The 1964 Eisteddfod Performing Arts Competition
...tongue they had in common. But in song and dance they shared a language which people everywhere can understand. IN SONG AND DANCE documents the rehearsals...
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Seed: The Untold Story - Defending the Future of Food
...unprecedented profits. SEED: THE UNTOLD STORY follows passionate seed-keepers protecting our 12,000 year-old food legacy. These farmers, scientists, lawyers...
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Man And Woman - Myths And Stereotypes
...female stereotypes and shows how literature, art, movies, media and pop songs perpetuate artificial masculine and feminie roles. ...
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The Sandwich Kid - The Siblings of People with Disabilities
...formidable force, Jace uses wit, charm and keen insights as his "brothers keeper" to extract laughter and tears in the interviews he conducts with dozens...
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To Serve the Gods
... This celebration of one's birthright and obligations involves drumming, song, dance, possession, animal sacrifice and sharing of food with the gods and...
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Shirley Temple Americas Little Darling
Episode 17 of Hollywood Collection
...earliest movies gave a foretaste of her talents and soon would become the songs and dances that helped make those movies immortal. Here she is at her he...
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Ella Fitzgerald: The Tale of a Vocal Virtuosa
Told in the voice of a cool cat named Scat, this dramatic story tells how Ella got her sound on the way to a most remarkable and inspiring career.
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A Poor Man Shames Us All
Episode 3 of Millennium: Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World
Have things replaced people as the focus of our relationships? Western views of wealth and economic needs have created a society of strangers in the midst of material riches, while tribal cutures such as the Weyewa of Indonesia and the…
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Jack London: A Life Of Adventure
Extensive readings from Jack London's works- combined with his own photographs, illustrations from his books, historical documents and on-location photographs-help students comprehend the life experiences that shaped his writing. His themes of discipline, social justice, adaptability and individual survival are…
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Ancient Sea Gardens - Mystery of the Pacific Northwest
When marine geologist Dr. John Harper stumbles upon a coastal phenomenon in the form of mysterious curving rock walls along the low tide line of hundreds of beaches in British Columbia, he launches on a quest that will take years…
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Inca Myth as Imperial Mandate
Episode 12 of Great Mythologies of the World Course 5 - The Americas
Comparing the Incas to the Roman Empire, you'll find some fascinating parallels, both in history and in mythology. Hear the Kolla creation story from the Incas, based on their understanding of their world, which can still speak to us across…
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Beyond Recognition - Women Preserving Native Culture
After decades struggling to protect her ancestors' burial places, now engulfed by San Francisco's sprawl, a Native woman from a federally unrecognized tribe and her allies occupy a development site to prevent desecration of sacred ground. When this fails to…
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Women's Power - Female Leadership Around the World
This educational documentary offers a panoramic view of female leadership, creativity, wisdom, and courage around the world and over thousands of years. WOMEN'S POWER looks at female spheres of power in politics, economics, religion, medicine, arts, and letters, featuring a…
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The Great European Disaster Movie - The Present and Future of the European Union
Combining drama and documentary, THE GREAT EUROPEAN DISASTER MOVIE examines current-day Europe and the challenges that are mounting against the European Union's survival. Beset by growing nationalism and an increasing dissatisfaction with its undemocratic political structure, will Europe descend into…
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The Khipu—Language Hidden in Knots
Episode 21 of Lost Worlds of South America Course
The Inca used a complex system of records encoded on knotted strings. Study what is known of the khipu, starting with Spanish accounts of their use and the "khipucamayuq" who recorded and read them. Learn how numbers were encoded, and…
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Arthurian Tales in Brittany and Burgundy
Episode 8 of King Arthur: History and Legend Series
Here, encounter the works of Marie de France, whose Arthurian writings developed themes of romantic love, the magical, and the noble. Then learn how Robert de Boron linked King Arthur to the spiritual and religious realms and introduced the Holy…
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Lockie takes the Cake
Episode 19 of Lockie Leonard Series 1
Lockie is stressed out. Out the three hundred and sixty five days in the year, why did Vicki and Phillip have to be born on the exact same day? Sometimes things just happen that are out of your control. Like…
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A Nation of Drunkards
Part of the Series: Ken Burns: Prohibition
Americans have argued over alcohol for centuries. Since the early years of the American Republic, drinking has been at least as American as apple pie. As Episode 1: A Nation of Drunkards begins, clergymen, craftsmen and canal-diggers drink. So do…
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Our Fires Still Burn: The Native American Experience
This exciting and compelling one hour documentary invites viewers into the lives of contemporary Native American role models living in the U.S. Midwest. It dispels the myth that American Indians have disappeared from the American horizon, and reveals how they…
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