The Tracker
The Australian outback, 1922.... four men, three white and one black, relentlessly track a fugitive, an aboriginal man accused of murdering a white woman. When an interrogation of a small group of indigenous people turns into a massacre, paranoia sets…
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Mad Dog Morgan
...country Victoria with a young Aboriginal, David Gulpilil (Walkabout, The Tracker). Having escaped into NSW, the bushranger and his accomplice easily dodge...
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Manala The Monster Cod
Episode 9 of The Dreaming Series 3
Learn about how the Murray River came into being.
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What's at the Center of the Earth? - Layers! & Fossils!
Part of the Series: Dinosaur Train
Layers! -- The Conductor takes the Pteranodon family on a very special journey on a new invention - the Drill Engine Train - in search of the perfect spot for a new Underground Dinosaur Train Station! Don is THRILLED to…
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...The last survivor tells of his father's brutal slaying, and son of the tracker and horse 'tailer' Alex Wilson who accompanied Constable George Murray on...
War on Waste Episode 2
Episode 2 of War on Waste
Craig Reucassel examines the growing e-waste problem, fast furniture and continuing the #StrawNoMore movement, takes his new straw mascot - McChokey to a fast food giant
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Jandamarra's War
In Jandamarra's War we learn how in the 1890's European settlers arrive in the Kimberley, North West Australia, with vast herds of sheep and cattle, determined to make their fortune by feeding a rapidly growing population in the South. But…
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Case Studies In Recruitment
Part of the Series: Recruitment & People Management
Getting a job is one of life's big challenges. But how does it look from the employers' point of view? This documentary looks at how a small business, a hospital, and a supermarket recruit their staff. SMALL BUSINESS : Small…
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A Man and an Organ
A filmic insight into Ronald Sharp - the self-taught builder of the Grand Organ in the Sydney Opera House. No Australian building has caught the imagination of the world as much as the Sydney Opera House. Opened in 1973 by…
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Geolocation - Tracking You and Your Data
Episode 14 of The Surveillance State
You are where you go--at least according to advertisers, divorce attorneys, and criminal investigators. Take a look at how geolocation data is gathered, ranging from the voluntarily given (such as a social media check-in) to the improperly acquired (such as…
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The Privacy Debate Needs You
Episode 24 of The Surveillance State
Look toward the future and examine the possibilities of quantum computing, human-computer interface, and artificial intelligence. These technological changes are going to require each of us to make decisions about privacy and security--for ourselves and for future generations. Recap what…
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Privacy for the Cyber Age
Episode 13 of Thinking about Cybersecurity
It appears our current conceptions of privacy in cyberspace will disappear. So what can we do about it? By exploring how the government and private sector use "Big Data"--and how "Big Data" can keep the government honest--you'll discover insights into…
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Counting Sheep - Restoring the Sierra Nevada Bighorn
Counting Sheep chronicles the struggle for survival of the wild Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, a majestic emblem of American wilderness. Shot and produced over the course of twelve years, Counting Sheep captures the plight of the Sierra bighorn with dynamic…
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Saltwater Croc - Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory
Episode 8 of Bushwhacked! - Series 1
Brandon challenges Kayne to catch a Saltwater Croc and attach a satellite tag to it to help rangers keep the local community safe.
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War on Waste Episode 3
Episode 3 of War on Waste
In the final episode, Craig Reucassel goes undercover in a food court to see how much food is being thrown out and explains the big role restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets have in reducing food waste.
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Episode 11 of The Neverending Story
When giant fissures crack through the Grassy Plains, Bastian follow the great warrior Atreyu, and his sister Saiya back to the Greenskins camp to discover its source. There, Bastian and the Greenskin children learn of an evil Shaman from long…
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Quiet After the Storm
Episode 12 of Tate
Tate tracks down a killer who gunned down a saloon girl. On the trail back to town, the girl's two brothers arrive seeking blood vengeance. Can Tate trust the residents of the home he's holed up in while three killers…
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Avalanches - The Science of Avalanches
Anywhere on the planet where there is snow, no mountain is spared. Depending on the type of snow, the weather and the slope, an avalanche can reach incredible speeds: more than 300km per hour. A small avalanche can exert the…
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Saving Sleek / The Wrong Roar
Saving Sleek: Badou learns that bragging is not hero like. The Wrong Roar: Badou roars like a real lion in a play.
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Pasta War
Part of the Series: Click & Clack's: As The Wrench Turns
Click and Clack devise an alternative fuel-burning vehicle: the Fusilli 500, the first pasta-powered car on earth. The positive press propels the car into an immediate automotive sensation, as sales roll in at chart-topping proportions. The guys begin to bask…
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