...from Nicolas Roeg. Along the way, they meet a young aborigine on his "walkabout," a rite of passage in which adolescent boys are initiated into manhood...
Picnic at Pudding Hill / Little Bear's Walkabout / Little Bear's Secret Friend
Episode 13 of Little Bear Season 2
...friends travel to the top of Pudding Hill for a picnic. Little Bear's Walkabout : Little Bear explores the woods and paints pictures of the mysterious...
The Walkabout
Part of the Series: The Pintubi Collection
...Europeans in 1932 and the impact it had on their lives. Episode 2 - The Walkabout In 1932, a small group of Pintubi began the long walk East. As they moved...
Episode 8 of You Can’t Ask That - Series 1
Insightful, irreverent, moving and unpredictable, this episode sets the record straight about what it's really like to be an Indigenous Australian.
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Pain for This Land
Part of the Series: The Yirrkala Film Project
...their Land Rights case and their case to try to stop the coming of the Walkabout Hotel. The Yolngu try to come to terms with the mine as it encroaches more...
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Mad Dog Morgan
...terrorising country Victoria with a young Aboriginal, David Gulpilil (Walkabout, The Tracker). Having escaped into NSW, the bushranger and his accomplice...
Strange Creatures
Part of the Series: NOVA - Australia's First 4 Billion Years
...voyage across southern seas. With host Richard Smith, NOVA travels the walkabout continent to uncover how it became the strange land it is today. In this...
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Message Of Peace and Compassion His Holiness The Dalai Lama UK Visit
Episode 8 of Dalai Lama Collection
...Liverpool. His Holiness also meets members of the public in a spontaneous walkabout. Excerpts are included from His Holiness' meetings with Foreign Secretary...
Hard Time Now...For the Children
Part of the Series: The Yirrkala Film Project
Narritjin Maymuru, leader of the Manggalili clan, was one of the people Ian Dunlop worked with most closely during his long term film project at Yirrkala. This is a personal and sad film about Narritjin--artist, thinker, and passionate interpreter of…
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We are the Landowner...That’s Why We’re Here
Part of the Series: The Yirrkala Film Project
One of the most positive aspects of traditional Aboriginal Australia today is the outstation or clan homeland movement. Throughout central and northern Australia, groups have left the large centralised government settlements and church mission stations to form small communities on…
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Singing in the Rain - Yirrkala in 1974
Part of the Series: The Yirrkala Film Project
1974 was a troubled time for the Yirrkala community. The Gove bauxite mine, on its doorstep, had been operating for four years. The effects of alcohol, from the newly built mining town of Nhulunbuy, were causing grave concern to the…
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Balloons and Spinifex
In the 1950s, Giles Weather Station was established in the Australian outback, on the edge of the Gibson Desert, 750 kilometres from Alice Springs, near the border of West and South Australia. The area south of Rawlinson Range had long…
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Black Comedy: Episode 6
The Tiddas learn about acting and love, we pull up a seat at the Last Supper, Lillian the Cos I'm Black Woman has a run-in with a blind man, we shine a light on the love story of a Blackfella…
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Franklin and Friends: Polar Explorer
Franklin's Great Aunt Harriet's heirloom key opens a special Navigation Bar, the coordinates send Franklin and his parents on an adventure that will take them to the North and South Pole!! With a husky Polar Bear Ranger as their host…
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The Naked Country
Farmer Lance Dillon (John Stanton) and his wife, Mary (Rebecca Gilling), settle on the plains of the Australian Outback, but the challenges presented by the unforgiving terrain and the unwelcoming locals threaten their marriage and Lance's life. The often-ignored Mary…
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Film Australia's Australia: Black Australia
Aboriginality is a key issue facing all Australians but it is an exceedingly complex one and potentially divisive. The focus on Aboriginal identity in this program aims to stimulate deeper understanding of Aboriginality, the attitudes of non-Indigenous Australians towards Indigenous…
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We of the Never Never
At the turn of the century Australia was still a very young country, in a land as old as time. Few had ventured far from the growing cities and towns of the coast, into that vast heart of Australia -…
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Movies to Change the World
Part of the Series: The Story of Film
This is the story of the movies that tried to change the world in the 70s. We start in Germany with Wim Wenders, head to Britain in the 70s and talk exclusively to Ken Loach, travel to Italy, see the…
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Steal, Adopt, Adapt: Where Essays Begin
Episode 1 of Becoming a Great Essayist
First, learn what the essay is--and what it is not. See how the practice of writing essays has evolved over centuries yet has remained versatile, and examine the many uses of essays across the ages. Numerous essayists find starting out…
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Guyland - Where Boys Become Men
In this powerful new film based on his bestselling book, sociologist Michael Kimmel maps the troubling social world where boys become men -- a new stage of development he calls "Guyland." Arguing that the traditional adult signposts and cultural signals…
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